Tron: Solar Sailer

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TRON: Solar Sailer
Tron -solar-sailer-cover.jpg
TRON: Solar Sailer Cover Art
Developer(s) Mattel
Publisher(s) Mattel
Platform(s) Intellivision
Release 1982
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single player

TRON: Solar Sailer is a game that was released by Mattel for the Intellivision in 1982. The game is one of four released for the console that required the Intellivoice module. (The other three were Space Spartans, B-17 Bomber, and Bomb Squad.)


The game begins by giving the player a code. The player then progresses to a gridlike area with spiders and tanks, which hinder the player with melee and ranged attacks, respectively. Although the player can shoot these enemies, doing so quickly drains their energy. Therefore, avoiding contact and dodging shots is often the most efficient way of navigating the grid. When the player reaches the correct sector, they may enter their code to move on.


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