Tronoša Monastery

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Tronoša monastery.jpg
Monastery information
Full name Манастир Троноша
Other names Monastery of
Order Serbian Orthodox Church
Diocese Eparchy of Sabac
Location Tršić and Korenita, Serbia
Public access Yes

The Tronoša monastery (Serbian Cyrillic: Манастир Троноша) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located between the villages of Tršić and Korenita, in the municipality of Loznica, in western Serbia. It is ecclesiastically part of the Eparchy of Šabac. According to tradition, the monastery was built by King Stefan Dragutin.


The monastery was built in the Raška architectural school. In terms of architectural and spatial traits, there is resemblance between the Uvac Monastery, Church of the Annunciation Monastery in Ovčar Banja, Pustinja Monastery, Dobrilovina Monastery, Majstorovina Monastery, Tronoša Monastery and others.[1]


  1. ^ Janićijević, Jovan (1998). The cultural treasury of Serbia. In terms of its spatial and architectural traits, the Church of the Virgin Mary of Uvac Monastery resembles the Church of the Annunciation Monastery at the foot of Mount Kablar, as well as some other shrines, such as Pustinja, Dobrilovina, Majstorovina, Tronoša and others. 

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Coordinates: 44°27′37″N 19°17′01″E / 44.46028°N 19.28361°E / 44.46028; 19.28361