Trooditissa Monastery

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Traditissa Monastry.jpg
Trooditissa Monastery
Trooditissa Monastery is located in Cyprus
Trooditissa Monastery
Location within Cyprus
Monastery information
Full name Holy Monastery of Trooditissa
Order Orthodox monasticism
Established 990
Dedicated to Virgin Mary
Celebration date August 15
Diocese Church of Cyprus
Prior Archimandrite Athanasios
Style Byzantine
Location Troödos, Paphos District
Country Cyprus
Coordinates 34°54′46″N 32°50′18″E / 34.9129°N 32.8383°E / 34.9129; 32.8383Coordinates: 34°54′46″N 32°50′18″E / 34.9129°N 32.8383°E / 34.9129; 32.8383

Trooditissa Monastery, (Greek: Τροοδίτισσα) is situated on the southern slopes of the Troödos Mountains on the island of Cyprus. It is an orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

It was founded in 990, but the current building dates back to 1731. It is built at an altitude of 1,500m (4566 feet) and the closest village is Plátres.

The Holy Monastery of Trooditissa is estimated to have been founded after the period of Iconoclasm. The earlier buildings, which were of the middle Byzantine period (12th century) are not saved. The main church and the other surrounding buildings were built in the 18th-20th centuries.

The most important relic of the monastery is the thaumaturgist icon of Virgin Mary, originally from Asia Minor and is known for its wonders to childless married couples who wish to have a child. The church celebrates on 15 August, during the feast of the Assumption.[1]