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Trooper Clerks is an American animated film that was nominated for the 2003 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards, and won the animation category. It was made by Studio Creations.


As written from the official site, "Trooper Clerks is a parody mixing the characters from Kevin Smith's Clerks universe with the settings and characters in George Lucas's Star Wars universe. The end result is a hilarious yet foul-languaged multimedia experiment that has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of fans."[1]


Trooper Clerks: The Animated One-Shot - Part I
Being told that their jobs are in peril due to cutbacks, Stormtroopers Dante and Randal embark on a quest to steal the Death Star plans by hiring the station's Sith duo in training, Darth Jay and Darth Bob.[2]

Darth Jay is portrayed as Darth Maul from Episode I (with the black stripes on his face forming a pot leaf) and as told in the short film, Darth Bob is based on Darth Sidious (in fact, he is also called "Silent Palpatine".)

Trooper Clerks: The Animated One-Shot - Part II
Dante and Randal continue their quest of gainful employment while Darth Jay and Darth Bob pull every trick in the book trying to snatch the plans from its ultra-secure location.[2]

Trooper Clerks: The Live-Action Trailer
This is a shot-for-shot recreation of the 1994 "Clerks" movie trailer. This was the first project the Studio Creations Team ever did with "Trooper Clerks", and it was made in 1998. Clerks director Kevin Smith wrote the creators an email upon watching the trailer online, encouraging them to do more with the parody if they choose to.[2]


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