Trophy Point

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Trophy Point
View from Trophy Point, West Point NY, at dawn in the summertime.jpg
LocationUnited States Military Academy, West Point, NY
Nearest cityHighland Falls, NY
Coordinates41°23′41″N 73°57′25″W / 41.39472°N 73.95694°W / 41.39472; -73.95694Coordinates: 41°23′41″N 73°57′25″W / 41.39472°N 73.95694°W / 41.39472; -73.95694
Managed byUS Army

Trophy Point is a scenic overlook of the Hudson River Valley located at West Point, New York. It has been the subject of numerous works of art since the early 19th century. Trophy Point is the location of Battle Monument, one of the largest columns of granite in the world. Designed by architect Stanford White and dedicated in 1897,[1] Trophy Point was formerly the site of West Point graduation ceremonies before the class sizes became larger in the mid-twentieth century.

Trophy Point gets its name from the numerous displayed pieces of captured artillery spanning from the Revolutionary War to the Spanish–American War.


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