Pyrgus oileus

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Tropical checkered skipper
Tropical checkered skipper (Pyrgus oileus) male.JPG
Male, Tobago
Tropical Checkered Skipper (Pyrgus oileus ) female Cu.JPG
Female, Cuba
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Clade: Euarthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Hesperiidae
Genus: Pyrgus
Species: P. oileus
Binomial name
Pyrgus oileus
(Linnaeus, 1767)
  • Papilio oileus Linnaeus, 1767
  • Pyrgus montivagus Reakirt, 1866
  • Pyrgus adjutrix Plötz, 1884
  • Hesperia syrichtus var. fumosa Reverdin, 1919
  • Pyrgus oilus Hübner, [1819] (missp.)
  • Pyrgus oieus Ménétries, 1855 (missp.)
  • Hesperia montivagus Dyar, 1903
  • Pyrgus fumata Reverdin, 1921 (missp.)
  • Pyrgus montivago Randolph, 1922 (missp.)
  • Pyrgus oilius Kendall & Freeman, 1963 (missp.)
  • Pyrgus ajutrix Miller & Brown, 1983 (missp.)
  • Hesperia montivaga Godman & Salvin, [1899]
  • Pyrgus syrichthus Butler, 1870 (missp.)
  • Pyrgus syrechtus Druce, 1876 (missp.)
  • Pyrgus syricthus Gundlach, 1881 (missp.)
  • Hesperia syrichtus Dyar, 1903
  • Pyrgus syrithtus Woodworth, 1913 (missp.)
  • Pyrgus sysichtus Giacomelli, 1923 (missp.)
  • Pyrgus syrictus Williams & Bell, 1930 (missp.)
  • Pyrgus syrichtos Cardoso, 1949 (missp.)
  • Pyrgus syrichtus

Pyrgus oileus, the tropical checkered skipper, is a species of skipper (family Hesperiidae). It is found from Peninsular Florida, the Gulf Coast, and southern Texas, south through the West Indies, Mexico and Central America to Argentina.

The wingspan is 32–38 mm. There are four to five generations throughout the year in southern Texas and Florida.

The larva feed on several plants in the Malvaceae family, including Sida rhombifolia, Malva, Althaea rosea, Abutilon and Malvastrum. Adults feed on the nectar of the flowers of Sidas species and small-flowered composites such as shepherd's needles.


  • Pyrgus oileus oileus
  • Pyrgus oileus syrichtus

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