Tropical Fish Hobbyist

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Tropical Fish Hobbyist
Former editorsHerbert Axelrod
CategoriesTropical aquarium fish
First issueSeptember 1952
CompanyTFH Publications
CountryUnited States
Based inNeptune City, New Jersey

Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine (abbreviated as TFH Magazine) is a bimonthly magazine geared to hobbyist keepers of tropical fish, with news and information on a variety of topics concerning freshwater and marine aquariums. The magazine was first published in September 1952.[1] The magazine is based in Neptune City, New Jersey.[1] It is published by TFH Publications,[1] which publishes books relating to the care aquarium fish and pets.

Significant Publications[edit]

Significant articles published in Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine include the 1956 scientific description of the cardinal tetra by Leonard Peter Schultz.

Noted Authors[edit]

Several established and well known ichthyologists, hobbyists, and experts have published works in TFH Magazine, including:
Herbert Axelrod
Leonard Peter Schultz
William T. Innes
George S. Myers
Wayne Leibel
Paul Loiselle
Robert M. Fenner


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