Tropical North Queensland

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Tropical North Queensland
The Regions of Queensland
Tropical North Queensland is located in Queensland
Tropical North Queensland
Tropical North Queensland
Coordinates 16°00′00.00″S 143°00′00.00″E / 16.0000000°S 143.0000000°E / -16.0000000; 143.0000000Coordinates: 16°00′00.00″S 143°00′00.00″E / 16.0000000°S 143.0000000°E / -16.0000000; 143.0000000

Tropical North Queensland is the northern part of Queensland, Australia, an area from about the city of Mackay north to the tip of Cape York. The tropical region of Queensland covers 54% of the state's area[1] some 934,600 square kilometres (360,900 sq mi), and includes the whole area above the latitude 23.5 degrees south, taking in an area from Rockhampton north. However, what is generally accepted as Tropical "North" Queensland includes the cities of Mackay, Townsville and Cairns and the Australian islands of the Torres Strait. It also includes several world heritage listed areas, such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics.

Within the tourism industry, the phrase is used to mean varying areas of the tropical region of the state, usually within Far North Queensland.

Different government departments also have varying definitions for what is meant by "Tropical North Queensland" and Tropical Australia.

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