Tropical Storm Gordon

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The name Gordon has been used for four tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean since 1988 when it replaced the name Gilbert on the list of hurricane names.

  • Hurricane Gordon (1994) – killed 1,122 in Haiti, and 23 in other nations. Damage in the United States was $400 million, and damage in Haiti and Cuba was severe. Despite the damage caused, however, the name was not retired.
  • Hurricane Gordon (2000) – formed near Guatemala, cut across the Yucatán Peninsula and later hit Florida as a tropical storm. Killed 23 in Guatemala and one in Florida, and $10.8 million damage there (no figure for Guatemala).
  • Hurricane Gordon (2006) – formed in the central North Atlantic, tracked north and east while becoming a Category 3 major hurricane. Crossed the Azores as a category 1 storm before dissipating over western Europe.
  • Hurricane Gordon (2012) – North Atlantic hurricane that passed over the eastern Azores as a Category 1 hurricane.

The name Gordon was also used for four tropical cyclones in the western Pacific Ocean.

  • Tropical Storm Gordon (1979) (T7910, 07W, Herming) – Strong tropical storm which made landfall in China.
  • Typhoon Gordon (1982) (T8216, 16W) – Category 3 typhoon with no known effects on land.
  • Tropical Storm Gordon (1985) (T8527, 24W) – Weak tropical storm which made landfall in Vietnam.
  • Typhoon Gordon (1989) (T8908, 08W, Goring) – Powerful Category 5 super typhoon which crossed extreme northern Luzon at peak intensity before making landfall southwest of Hong Kong as a strong tropical storm. 306 people were killed by Gordon, and 120,000 were left homeless in the Philippines.