Tropical Storm Ike

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The name Ike has been used to name three tropical cyclones worldwide. It was used twice by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center to name tropical storms in the Western Pacific and once by the National Hurricane Center to name a hurricane in the Atlantic

Ike was used on the six-year lists in the Atlantic, where it replaced Isidore which was retired in 2002. The name was retired in 2009 after its first and only use and replaced with Isaias.

  • Hurricane Ike (2008) – formed west of the Cape Verde Islands, became a powerful Category 4 northwest of the Lesser Antilles, and later crossed the Bahamas, Cuba, and Texas, causing $28 billion in damage (2008 USD) and over 170 deaths.

The name Ike was retired after its usage in 2008 and replaced with Isaias for the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season.

The name Ike has also been used for two typhoons in the northwest Pacific Ocean.

  • Severe Tropical Storm Ike (1981) (T8104, 04W, Bining) – A severe tropical storm that impacted Taiwan as a Tropical Storm in June 1981.
  • Typhoon Ike (1984) (T8411, 13W, Nitang) – significant Category 4 Typhoon that affected Philippines and China, killing up to 1,500 people.

The name Ike was retired after the 2008 season, and was replaced by Ian.