Tropidacris collaris

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Tropidacris collaris
Tropidacris collaris MHNTdos vol.jpg
Scientific classification
T. collaris
Binomial name
Tropidacris collaris
(Stoll, 1813)

Tropidacris collaris is a species of grasshopper in the family Romaleidae. A large South American grasshopper, it is also known as the blue-winged grasshopper although they vary greatly in coloration.[1] It is common in both forests and dry areas of South America from Colombia to Argentina. In parts of northern Argentina, they are considered a pest.[2] They are also popular among insect and terrarium enthusiasts.[3]

A grasshopper of this species was spotted landing on the arm of James Rodríguez, after he scored a goal during Colombia's 2–1 defeat to Brazil, at the quarter-finals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.[4][5]


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