Trou du Diable

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Trou du Diable entrance

The Trou du Diable (translated in English as Devil's Hole) is a cave situated in St-Casimir, in the province of Quebec, Canada. On the CanMatrix System ([1]), you can find the Trou du Diable on the map Grondines (031-I/9) at the coordinates 22207325.

The Trou du Diable is in fact a creek of which the last 980 meters are underground, which makes it the second longest in Quebec. It is tributary of the Rivière Ste-Anne, about four kilometers upstream of St-Casimir.

Its highest point is 6.8 metres above the bottom of the cave, and at some places visitors have to crawl to move forward.

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Coordinates: 46°40′N 72°05′W / 46.67°N 72.09°W / 46.67; -72.09