Troublesome Night 16

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Troublesome Night 16
Traditional 陰陽路十六之回到武俠時代
Simplified 阴阳路十六之回到武侠时代
Mandarin Yīn Yáng Lù Shí Lìu Zhī Huí Dào Wǔ Xiá Shí Dài
Cantonese Jam1 Joeng4 Lou6 Sap6 Luk6 Zi1 Wui4 Dou3 Mou5 Hap6 Si4 Doi6
Directed by Yip Wai-ying
Produced by Nam Yin
Written by Jameson Lam
Music by Mak Jan-hung
Cinematography Ng Man-juen
Ng Man-ching
Mike Pang
Lum Lai-shing
Cheung Yuk-chuen
Nam Yin Production Co., Ltd.
East Entertainment Limited
B&S Limited
Distributed by B&S Films Distribution Company Limited
Release date
  • 5 September 2002 (2002-09-05)
Running time
85 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$4,810

Troublesome Night 16 is a 2002 Hong Kong horror comedy film produced by Nam Yin and directed by Yip Wai-ying. It is the 16th of the 19 films in the Troublesome Night film series.


Bud Gay and Bud Yan travel back in time to the Song Dynasty. They encounter characters from the Chinese classical novel Water Margin and join them in their adventures. The story of Wu Song avenging his brother is parodied in the film, with the Buds playing important roles in affecting how the story unfolds.


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