Troublesome Night 4

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Troublesome Night 4
Traditional 陰陽路4與鬼同行
Simplified 阴阳路4与鬼同行
Mandarin Yīn Yáng Lù Sì Yú Guǐ Tóng Xíng
Cantonese Jam1 Joeng4 Lou6 Sei3 Jyu4 Gwai2 Tung4 Hang4
Directed by Herman Yau
Produced by Nam Yin
Written by Kenneth Lau
Chang Kwok-tse
Music by Mak Chun Hung
Cinematography Joe Chan
Edited by Tony Chow
Mandarin Films Ltd.
Nam Yin Production Co., Ltd.
Distributed by Mandarin Films Distribution Co., Ltd.
Release date
  • 25 August 1998 (1998-08-25)
Running time
97 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Troublesome Night 4 is a 1998 Hong Kong horror comedy film produced by Nam Yin and directed by Herman Yau. It is the fourth of the 19 films in the Troublesome Night film series.


The film contains four short stories loosely linked together. A group of Hong Kong tourists visit the Philippines and encounter paranormal events.


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