Troublesome Night 7

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Troublesome Night 7
Traditional 陰陽路柒撞到正
Simplified 阴阳路七撞到正
Mandarin Yīn Yáng Lù Qī Zhuàng Dào Zhèng
Cantonese Jam1 Joeng4 Lou6 Cat1 Zong6 Dou3 Zeng3
Directed by Nam Yin
Produced by Nam Yin
Written by Nam Yin
Music by Mak Jan-hung
Cinematography Joe Chan
Edited by Chan Kei-hop
Nam Yin Production Co., Ltd.
Distributed by Universe Films Distribution Co. Ltd.
Release date
  • 15 January 2000 (2000-01-15)
Running time
94 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Troublesome Night 7 is a 2000 Hong Kong horror comedy film produced and directed by Nam Yin. It is the seventh of the 19 films in the Troublesome Night film series.


A film crew travels to a remote island to shoot a music video. The island is inhabited by some villagers and an eccentric police inspector. Paranormal events occur during their stay: eerie screams are heard at night but the villagers dismiss them as wolves' howling; a strange young man is seen wandering around, asking whether they had seen someone called Ying. In addition, while shooting a scene in the water, the actresses felt something tickling their feet. An old woman narrates a tragic story about a pair of lovers from the village who were separated from each other because the woman's father opposed the relationship — the man was burnt to death while the woman drowned herself at sea. A mysterious feral child is revealed to be the one responsible for making the screams, and the old woman recognises him as the lovers' long-lost son. A ritual is performed to put the lovers' spirits to rest and their son is adopted by the villagers.


  • Louis Koo as Lok
  • Nadia Chan as Ying
  • Simon Lui as Detective Lui
  • Amanda Lee as Amanda Li
  • Wayne Lai as Alex Cheung
  • Frankie Ng as Hung
  • May Law as Fa
  • Celia Sze as Yu
  • Hui Siu-hung as Tat
  • Michael Tsui as Keung
  • Law Lan as Granny Ping
  • Pang Ka-lai as Lai
  • Gregory Lee as Ho
  • Oscar Leung as Lok and Ying's son
  • Gordon Leung as Gordon
  • Cub Chin as Village chief Nam
  • Eileen Yeung
  • Tong Ka-fai
  • Lee Wai-ki as Kenji
  • Chan Mei-kuen
  • Carmen Man
  • Ho Fat-sang as Dee
  • So Chin-fa
  • Tang Chuk-shun
  • Ho Cheun-lam
  • Yu Ka-hing
  • Ma Kwan
  • Cho Kan
  • Chong Tak-leung
  • Yeung Kei

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