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Trough may refer to:

In science[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Bread trough or dough trough, rectangular receptacle with a shallow basin, used in breadmaking
  • Trough (food) or manger, a container for animal feed
  • Watering trough, a receptacle of drinking water for domestic and non-domestic livestock
  • Battle of the Trough, a 1756 skirmish of the French and Indian War in West Virginia
  • Sleightholme Beck Gorge - The Troughs, a Site of Special Scientific Interest in the Teesdale district of south-west County Durham, England
  • The Trough, a gorge carved by the South Branch Potomac River in West Virginia
  • Trough, an old word for an inkwell

See also[edit]

  • Trow, a type of cargo boat
  • Troff, a document processing system developed by AT&T for the Unix operating system
  • "Tropho-", a Greek root meaning to feed or grow