Troughton & Simms

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Troughton & Simms astronomical telescope at the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, Japan.
Troughton & Simms, sundial at St Michael's Mount
1850s 24-inch brass ruler engraved: "Troughton & Simms, London".

Troughton & Simms was a British instrument-making firm, formed when Edward Troughton in his old age took on William Simms as a partner in 1826.

It became a limited company in 1915[1] and in 1922 it merged with T. Cooke & Sons to form Cooke, Troughton & Simms.

The firm produced hundreds of astronomical instruments such as mural circles, transit circles, sextants, and other astronomical instruments for observatories around the world.[2]

Previously, Troughton had been a sole proprietor, and before that he was in partnership with his brother John. John died and Edward took on Simms in 1826. Edward Troughton died in 1835.[2]

In 1876 they supplied the Imperial Standards Of Length gauges mounted at Trafalgar Square in London UK.


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