Trout Lake (British Columbia)

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Trout Lake
Trout Lake winter.JPG
Trout Lake in mid-February
Location British Columbia
Coordinates 50°34′58″N 117°25′20″W / 50.5828°N 117.4222°W / 50.5828; -117.4222Coordinates: 50°34′58″N 117°25′20″W / 50.5828°N 117.4222°W / 50.5828; -117.4222
Type ribbon lake
Basin countries Canada
Settlements Trout Lake City

Trout Lake in the interior of British Columbia is a ribbon lake located south-east of Revelstoke. At the north end is Trout Lake City which in the early 1900s was a mining boomtown. It now has only a handful of permanent residents and a growing number of cabin owners that come for the holidays, many from Calgary. At the other end of the lake is the now-abandoned town of Gerrard, the spawning ground of Gerrard Trout.[citation needed]

Trout Lake is known for its fishing (primarily Dolly Varden trout, and Kokanee salmon) and the snowmobiling in the surrounding hills.[citation needed]