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Troy Little
Born (1973-03-07) March 7, 1973 (age 44)
Occupation writer, cartoonist
Nationality Canada
Period 2000–present
Notable works Chiaroscuro (vol. 1: 2000-2005/2007)
Notable awards Xeric

Troy Little (born 7 March 1973[1]) is a Canadian cartoonist working in comic books and animation. He is known for Chiaroscuro, a graphic novel whose first volume (out of three) was developed between 2000 and 2005 under his Meanwhile Studios imprint. After winning two grants (Xeric[2] and P.E.I. Council of the Arts[3]) and being praised by Dave Sim,[4] Chiaroscuro vol. 1 was released in 2007 by IDW Publishing.


Troy Little was born on 7 March 1973 in Prince Edward Island, Canada.[1] In 1994, he graduated from the Interpretive Illustration program of Sheridan College, and has since worked as an animator. After living eight years in Ottawa, he moved back to Kensington, Prince Edward Island,[3][5] Canada. He is the father of twins girls, Alicen and Hayden.[1][3] In parallel to his daytime job in animation,[3][5] he writes and draws his own graphic novels.

In September 2000,[6] he started work on his self-published black & white comic series Chiaroscuro with which he was awarded in 2001 a Xeric Grant.[2] The comic was published bi-monthly and ran for seven issues ending prematurely in 2003 (both Little and his then wife having lost their jobs and having twins to raise[5]). Little eventually continued to draw the missing issues #8-10 to conclude the first volume. In 2005, he was awarded a P.E.I. Council of the Arts Grants to enable him to continue work on the series.[3] In late 2005, he had completed his first storyline as the graphic novel Chiaroscuro: Patchwork Book 1 (collecting issues #1-10), and started sending out a 100-copy POD run[3] to publishers.

In 2007, this first volume of Chiaroscuro received an excellent review by independent comics legend Dave Sim (creator of Cerebus) written on his Blog & Mail.[4] This review brought the book to the attention of Ted Adams, President of IDW Publishing in San Diego.[3][5][7] IDW published a hardcover edition of the graphic novel in October 2007, and its trade paperback edition in October 2008.

In January 2009, Troy Little released Angora Napkin, a standalone graphic novel from IDW Publishing. Angora Napkin was developed into an animated pilot for Teletoon's late night program "Teletoon at Night" for a series which was broadcast on Halloween night, 2010. But the pilot was never picked up. He later created a second Angora Napkin graphic novel, Harvest of Revenge, as well as the online serial Angora Napkin: The Golden McGuffin.

From 2013-2014 he wrote and drew the comic book series The Powerpuff Girls, published by IDW and based on the Cartoon Network animated series.

2015 brought the news that Little had created the authorized graphic novel adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, published in late October / early November by Top Shelf Productions.


  • 2001-2003: Chiaroscuro #1-7 (Meanwhile Studios)[8]
  • 2004-2005: Chiaroscuro #8-10 (drawn but not published)
  • 2005: Chiaroscuro: Patchwork Book 1 (100-copy POD demo, late 2005, collecting #1-10)
  • 2007: Chiaroscuro HC (IDW Publishing, October 2007 hardcover collecting #1-10)
  • 2008: Chiaroscuro TP (IDW Publishing, October 2008 softcover collecting #1-10)
Later work



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