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Coordinates: 55°42′0.74″N 37°24′32.22″E / 55.7002056°N 37.4089500°E / 55.7002056; 37.4089500 The Troyekurovskoye Cemetery (Russian: Троекуровское кладбище), alternatively known as Novo-Kuntsevskoye Cemetery (Russian: Ново-Кунцевское кладбище), is a cemetery in Moscow, Russia.

The cemetery is located in the former village of Troyekurovo on the western edge of Moscow, which derives its name from the Troyekurov princely family, a branch of the Rurikid House of Yaroslavl, that owned the village in the 17th century. Troyekurovskoye Cemetery includes the Church of Saint Nicholas, built by Prince Troyekurov in 1699-1704, which was closed during the Soviet era but reopened in 1991.

Troyekurovskoye Cemetery is administered as a branch of the Novodevichy Cemetery, and is the resting place of numerous notable Russian and Soviet figures.

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