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Tru Thoughts
Founded 1999
Founder Robert Luis & Paul Jonas
Genre Electronic, dance
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location Brighton
Official website

Tru Thoughts is a British independent record label. It was formed in Brighton in 1999 by Robert Luis of Deeds Plus Thoughts and Paul Jonas.[1] It became, in one decade, one of the most famous and well respected labels in independent music world.[2][3]


In September 1999, after the success of their night club the "Phonic: hoop and Shake Yer Wig", Paul Jonas & Robert Luis, two music-obsessed friends, decided to launch their own label.[3]

From the improvised 'office', under Robert Luis' stairs, the new Tru Thoughts records started its history with their first 12" EP Alarming Frequency. There followed many releases which step by step built on the success of the label, including Bonobo's Animal Magic (July 2000), Quantic's The 5th Exotic (June 2001) and Jon Kennedy’s debut album We’re Just Waiting For You Now (July 2001).[3][4]

In 2005 Tru Thoughts were awarded Label Of The Year at the annual Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards.[5]

Will Holland, widely known as Quantic, has released under a number of monikers on the label; including projects such as Quantic, The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Flowering Inferno, The Limp Twins, Quantic and his Combo Barbaro and his 2012 collaboration Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro.[6]

In 2009 Tru Thoughts celebrated its 10th birthday, with more than 200 releases, spotlighting an independent, eclectic and original music, acknowledged for its quality by music specialists.[7][8]

Tru Thoughts has discovered various notable artists who have subsequently signed to other record labels; Bonobo and Treva Whateva signed to Ninja Tune, Chris Clark signed to Warp Records, Jon Kennedy to Grand Central Records, Chroma to LTJ Bukem's Good Looking Records and The Capoeira Twins signed to Timo Maas' Hope Recordings.[4]

The label has a publishing company called Full Thought Publishing. The music from the label has been used on adverts for iTunes, Ford, MLB, Mercedes Benz, and Unilever and appeared on numerous TV programs and films.[9]


From the initial Tru Thoughts Records were born three sublabels:[10]

  • "Tru Thoughts 7 seven", specialize in funk and soul
  • "Unfold records", specialize in compilation releases
  • "Zebra Traffic", specialize in UK hip hop

Tru Thoughts organizes many parties in nightclubs between Brighton and London, and broadcasts on several radio stations.[11]



Compilation albums[edit]

  • When Shapes Join Together (25 October 1999, cat. no: TRU002)
  • When Shapes Join Together 2 (28 January 2002, cat. no: TRU026)
  • Heavyweight Rib Ticklers (compiled by Mr. Scruff, 11 February 2002, cat. no: UNFOLDCD001)
  • Phonic Hoop (compiled by Robert Luis, 18 July 2002, cat. no: UNFOLDCD002)
  • When Shapes Join Together 3 (21 October 2002, cat. no: TRUCD035)
  • Vocalise (compiled by Robert Luis, 11 November 2002, cat. no: UNFOLDCD003)
  • Mono – When Shapes Join Together Mix (compiled by Quantic, 5 April 2003, cat. no: TRUCD044)
  • Shapes One Horizontal & Vertical CD (1 September 2003, cat. no: TRUCD045)
  • Shapes Yellow (2 November 2004, cat. no: TRU/ZEB 002)
  • Shapes Red (6 June 2005, cat. no: TRUCD 091)

Tru Thoughts 10th Anniversary[edit]

Disc 1 (downtempo)
  1. Bonobo – Terrapin
  2. Nostalgia 77 – Quiet Dawn feat. Beth Rowley
  3. Alice Russell – Hurry On Now feat. TM Juke
  4. Natural Self – The Rising feat. Andreya Triana
  5. Milez Benjiman – Chop That Wood
  6. Hint – One Woman Army feat. Laura Vane
  7. Quantic & Nickodemus feat. Tempo & The Candela Allstars – Mi Swing Es Tropical
  8. Bonobo – Kota
  9. Lizzy Parks – Raise The Roof
  10. The Limp Twins – Sunday Driver
  11. Hot 8 Brass Band – What's My Name? (Rock With The Hot 8)
  12. Flevans – The Notion feat. Sweet Laredo
  13. The Nostalgia 77 Octet – Musical Silt
  14. Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – Cuidad Del Swing
  15. Kinny – Desire feat. Nostalgia 77
  16. Freddie Cruger a.k.a. Red Astaire – Pushing On feat. Linn
Disc 2 (club)
  1. Saravah Soul – Nao Possa Te Levar A Serio
  2. The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Super 8
  3. The Bamboos – Step It Up feat. Alice Russell
  4. Quantic – Transatlantic
  5. TM Juke – Come Away feat. Sophie Faricy
  6. Lanu – Dis-Information
  7. Natural Self – Shake Down
  8. Belleruche – Northern Girls
  9. Alice Russell – All Over Now
  10. Quantic – Mishaps Happening (Prins Thomas edit)
  11. Nirobi & Barakas – Bungee Jump Against Racism
  12. TM Juke & The Jack Baker Trio – Party Favours feat. Gecko Turner
  13. Kylie Auldist – Community Service Announcement
  14. Quantic – Don't Joke With A Hungry Man feat. Spanky Wilson
  15. Me&You – The Hoop Loop
  16. The Broken Keys – The Witch
Disc 3 (exclusives)
  1. Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – Time Is The Enemy
  2. Domu – We Can
  3. Flevans – The Second Bite
  4. Azaxx – Disco Bimbo
  5. Hint – Tape Packs
  6. Quantic – Only a Little While Here
  7. Saravah Soul – Alforria
  8. The Bamboos – Turn It Up feat. Lyrics Born
  9. Freddie Cruger a.k.a. Red Astaire – Boogie Down Hagsätra
  10. Barakas – Spitfire
  11. Stonephace – Singularity
  12. Kylie Auldist – No Use (Acoustic Version)

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