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Tru by Hilton
FoundedJanuary 2016; 5 years ago (2016-01)
FounderHilton Worldwide
Number of locations
116 (December 31, 2019)[1]
ParentHilton Worldwide

Tru by Hilton is an American brand of hotels trademarked by Hilton Worldwide.[2][3][4] The hotel brand was announced in January 2016 at the Americas Lodging Investment Summit in Los Angeles. It was designed to compete against Comfort Inn and La Quinta,[5] and the first Tru by Hilton hotels were expected to open late in the same year.[6] The goal was to create rooms of 228 square feet with "clever" bathrooms. The brand uses platform beds instead of box springs and uses a landing zone where guests can place their luggage and hang their clothes rather than a dresser. Hilton realized that they could shrink the width of the room from the typical 12 feet to 10 feet because typically the TV cabinet would take up 2 feet, but with flat screen TV's the space could be spared. The desk that was decided to be used is a portable chair attached to a table allowing the guest to use the chair wherever they want in the room.[7] As of December 31, 2019, it has 116 properties with 11,203 rooms in two countries and territories, all franchised.[1]


Tru by Hilton will operate as a franchise, under Hilton. When the launch of the new brand was announced, Tru by Hilton had already signed over 100 franchise agreements.[8][9] The brand will occupy the mid-scale hotel market.[10] The hotels will offer limited food and beverage options and feature a social area characterized by a large central lobby, referred to as The Hive, that is divided into sections for eating, working, playing and lounging.[5] The front desk, called the Command Center, will also have a social media wall to engage guests.[11]

Tru by Hilton was designed to be scalable so that properties could vary in size and still fit in urban, suburban, airport or highway adjacent settings.[12] All of the brand's hotels will be newly built or created through the re-purposing of existing buildings. The brand's initial locations will be in the Atlanta, Cheyenne, WY, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, St. Louis: St. Charles, Missouri, Denver, Portland, Boise, ID,[13] Oklahoma City and Nashville markets.[3][9]

New hotel under brand is planned for construction at Acadia First Nation in Yarmouth, NS [14]


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