Truax, Saskatchewan

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Schuett and Schuettville
Unincorporated community
Truax is located in Saskatchewan
Truax is located in Canada
Location of Truax in Saskatchewan
Coordinates: 49°54′N 104°57′W / 49.900°N 104.950°W / 49.900; -104.950
Country Canada
Province Saskatchewan
Region Saskatchewan
Rural Municipality Elmsthorpe No. 100
Post office Founded 1907-07-01
Incorporated (village) September 9, 1912
Dissolved December 30, 1970
 •  12
Time zone CST
Postal code S0H 4A0
Area code(s) 306
Website [1]

Truax is an unincorporated community in the Rural Municipality of Elmsthorpe No. 100, Saskatchewan, Canada. It held village status prior to December 30, 1970.[2] Truax is located 80 km (50 mi) southwest of Regina and approximately 75 km (47 mi) southeast of Moose Jaw.


The most modern grain elevator in the surrounding area, built in 1964

Truax is situated almost equidistant between Radville and Moose Jaw on the Canadian National Railway line that was closed by CN in the late 1980s. Southern Rails Cooperative, a farmer-owned cooperative, took over operation of the line, and it still operates today, with farmers loading their grain directly into rail cars, bypassing the grain companies, and shipping directly to port. The rail line terminates at the Truax grain elevator, built in 1964 and now given Saskatchewan Heritage status with all that encompasses and protects. Both of these accomplishments, the Southern Rails Cooperative and the Saskatchewan Heritage Status of the Truax grain elevator, were led by the late Paul Beingessner, a Truax resident until his passing.

At its peak, Truax had a lumberyard, a gas station, a hardware store, a school, an indoor rink and a curling rink, and two churches. The gas station and convenience store closed in the mid 1980s. St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church is no longer open, but when it was mass was held every Saturday night at 7:00 in the winter, and 7:30 in the summer. St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church was de-commissioned as an official Roman Catholic Church on Sunday, June 25, 2011 at 3:00 pm CST. Once it was de-commissioned it served the Truax community on July 2, 2011 by acting as a cool and calm sanctuary where the hundreds of attendees could gather and watch the Truax 100th Homecoming slide show presentation. The de-commissioned St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church was ordered demolished by the Church in 2012 and it was taken down in January 2013.

This is a view of a prosperous Truax in October 1920

Truax held its 100th year celebration and Centennial Homecoming on July 2, 2011. There were approximately 400 people that attended the celebration, which included a parade of floats showing Truax history from the past 100 years and modern agricultural equipment as well. Many hours of old friends re-connecting and old timers showing younger people the history of this special little town happened on July 2, 2011. There were many interesting displays, Truax souvenirs to purchase (they sold out!), a slide presentation of 100 years of Truax photographic memories, and a silent auction of many authentic Truax momentos from history. Frank Kirkpatrick, the organizing director of the 100th Homecoming Celebration, was able to highlight some of the most prominent old timers from the Truax area and he also spoke a little about their impact and the impact of the many special Truax people that added to the community that had already passed on. A delicious lunch was BBQ'd up, then ice cream of many flavours was provided free of charge, a wonderful catered supper was enjoyed by the several hundred attending. Later there was a line dancing lesson on Main Street, then a couple hours of live music was enjoyed by many in the Truax Community Hall. As the sun set, and it was a beautiful night for a sunset, Frank lit up a bonfire on Main Street and the hundred or so remaining attendees came together around the fire to have one final time of fellowship as this wonderful day came to a close.

Truax was known to its many inhabitants over the years as "The Bestest Place in the World"!

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Coordinates: 49°54′N 104°57′W / 49.900°N 104.950°W / 49.900; -104.950