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A truck is a vehicle for carrying goods and materials. Truck or trucks may also refer to:



  • Bogies, called "trucks" in North American railroading
  • Skateboard truck, the axle assemblies of a skateboard
  • Truck (rigging), a wooden ball, disk, or bun-shaped cap at the top of a mast
  • Goods wagons, sometimes called "trucks" in British English


  • Truck Hannah (1889–1982), Major League Baseball catcher
  • Truck Parham (1911–2002), American jazz double-bassist
  • Truck Robinson (born 1951), retired National Basketball Association power forward
  • Butch Trucks (1947–2017), American drummer and a founding member of The Allman Brothers Band
  • Derek Trucks (born 1979), American guitarist, songwriter, founder of The Derek Trucks Band and member of The Allman Brothers Band; nephew of Butch Trucks
  • Toni Trucks (born 1980), American actress
  • Virgil Trucks (1917–2013), Major League Baseball pitcher and coach

Other uses[edit]

  • Trucks or trucco, a lawn game
  • The Truck system, in which employees are paid with credit that can only be redeemed from the employers' goods or store

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