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Trucks film.jpg
Based onTrucks
by Stephen King
Written byBrian Taggert
Directed byChris Thomson
Composer(s)Michael Richard Plowman
Country of origin
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)Mark Amin
Jerry Leider
Running time95 minutes
Production company(s)DawnField Entertainment(VHS/DVD)
DistributorTrimark Pictures

Trucks is a 1997 Canadian and American television horror film directed by Chris Thomson. It is a remake based on Stephen King's short story "Trucks", which also served as the source material for the earlier film Maximum Overdrive, the only film directed by King.


In a small Nevada town, the town residents live peacefully. But one day, trucks mysteriously start to come to life and develop their own minds. The trucks end up prompting violence, starting to destroy houses and kill people. The rest of the townspeople have to figure out a way to destroy them all before they kill all the residents of the town.


  • Timothy Busfield as Ray Porter
  • Brenda Bakke as Hope Gladstone
  • Aidan Devine as Trucker Bob
  • Roman Podhora as Thad Timmy
  • Jay Brazeau as Jack
  • Brendan Fletcher as Logan Porter
  • Amy Stewart as Abby Timmy
  • Victor Cowie as George "Georgie"
  • Sharon Bajer as June Yeager
  • Jonathan Barrett as Brad Yeager
  • Rick Skene as Trucker Pete
  • Don Granberry as Sheriff
  • Kirk Harper as Lino
  • Harry Nelken as Phil


Principal photography concluded on August 22, 1997. Shooting took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba.[2]


TV Guide rated Trucks 2/4 stars and wrote, "The film is all premise and no plot, a problem made worse by the clumsy addition of extraneous gory sequences."[3]


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