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The following page is a list of characters in the Australian comedy television series Kath & Kim.


Main characters[edit]

Character Actor Season(s) Information
Kath Day-Knight Jane Turner 1, 2, 3, Telemovie, 4
Full name: Kathleen Darlene Knight née Day

Kath is an empty nester who is proud of her home - ditto herself. She likes to keep herself busy throughout the day with her various projects and likes to keep herself trim.

Kim Craig Gina Riley 1, 2, 3, Telemovie, 4
Full name: Kimberly Diane Craig née Day

Kim is a self-absorbed, ever-complaining and spoilt woman who, despite her "people skills", her call centre employer can somehow not do without her.

Kel Knight Glenn Robbins 1, 2, 3, Telemovie, 4
Full name: Kelvin Graeme Knight

Kath's better half is a purveyor of fine meats and is what Kath considered a "great Hunk O' Spunk". Kel spends his days exercising and looking after and treating Kath with respect.

Brett Craig Peter Rowsthorn 1, 2, 3, Telemovie, 4
Full name: Brett Dean Craig

Kim's husband who works in a large electronics store named "Computa City". Has a lot of affection for his dog Kujo and is best mates with Kel (The Purveyor of Fine Meats). Often has affairs with employers or other employees, but wins Kim back by buying her jewellery.

Sharon Strzelecki Magda Szubanski 1, 2, 3, Telemovie, 4
Full name: Sharon Karen Strezlecki

Sharon is Kim's "second best friend" and is very unlucky with finding love. She is willing to try new things and is also a fine netball player. She has broken her fibia 5 times, is prone to hives and a bit desperately lonely. After an affair with Brett, Sharon is now dropped to be Kim's "sixth best friend".

Epponnee-Rae Craig Zara Harrington, Emma Le Boeuf, Makayla Berkers and Kylie Minogue 2x08, 3, Telemovie, 4
Full name: Epponnee-Raelene Kathleen Darlene Charlene Craig

Kim and Brett's baby daughter. Her full name is frequently shortened to 'Eps', 'Baby Eps', Epponnee or Epponnee-Rae.

Recurring characters[edit]

These characters have all starred in at least two episodes of Kath & Kim.

Character Actor Episodes
Trude Gina Riley 1x08, 2x02, 3x02, 3x07, 3x08, the telemovie, 4x02, 4x04 and 4x08
A snobby, wealthy shop assistant and satirical parody of typical upper-class Australian women who works at homewares store "House" at Fountain Gate. She works alongside best friend Prue and both speak in a highly exaggerated upper-class Australian accent sometimes mispronouncing words completely (one of their favourites being the word 'great' which they pronounce as 'graysh'). Trude enjoys making fun of and looking down upon Kath, Kim and even Kel's common and simple ways and inferior wealth, often resulting in Prue exclaiming "Oh you're dreadful!" She is married to Graham, 'Melbourne's top plastic surgeon' and Trude will often complain about their marital woes (resulting in an eventual divorce that leaves Trude penniless)
Prue Jane Turner 1x08, 2x02, 3x02, 3x07, 3x08, the telemovie, 4x02, 4x04 and 4x08
A snobby, wealthy shop assistant who works at homewares store "House". She works alongside best friend Trude and is considerably less nasty towards Kath and Kim. She is fond of expensive European homeware brands such as Le Creuset, Bodum and Orrefors much to the confusion of Kim when looking for wedding gifts for Kath. Prue's wealth comes from being married to a high profile, shady, stockbroker named Adrian who at one point is almost faced with jail time but does a deal with the police and blames everyone else instead, including Trude's husband Graham.
Marion Marg Downey 1x04, 1x08, 2x01, 3x01, 3x07 and 3x08
An inept marriage/love counsellor with somewhat unusual methods which tend to take her clients by surprise. She was responsible for the marriage and counselling of Kath and Kel, but was imprisoned.
Gary Poole Mick Molloy 2x08 and 3x01
Gary is Kath's ex-husband and biological father of Kim, but left just after Kim was born, saying he was going out for cigarettes. When Kim was only one day old, he ran off with Wendy Patterson into a tax haven and spent twenty years in exile in Hong Kong before unexpectedly coming back to Melbourne after the birth of Epponnee Rae and learning that he and Kath were still legally married, thus causing Kath and Kel's marriage to be annulled. He departed after re-mortgaging Kim and Brett's unit and his divorce from Kath was now official.
Sandy Freckle Rock Hampton 2x07 and 2x08
Sandy, a beach-bum, is one of Kel's best mates and worst enemies due to the fact he steals all of Kel's girlfriends.
Mark Tony Martin 1x02, 1x08, 2x04 and 2x05
Sharon's on-again/off-again boyfriend who works at Molly Blooms. He also plays the fiddle, notably at Kath and Kel's wedding.
Kelly Peta Brady 1x06, 2x04, 3x01, 3x02 and the telemovie
Brett's demanding boss at Computa City with whom he ended up having an affair.
Darryl Lee Mark Trevorrow 1x06, 2x08, the telemovie and 4x02
Is a tailor who works at a formal hire store in Fountain Gate who helps Kel out with his suit purchases. He has a Schnoodle named Barbra as revealed in Season Four's episode Fame His mother lives in Broken Hill.

One-off characters[edit]

  • Glenn Butcher Has played various characters throughout every series. Series one: a bartender during Kath's hens night. Series two:Judge for the volunteers of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Series Three: A waiter at a local restaurant at which Kath had been stoodup. Da Kath & Kim code as a car rental sales man who rents out a car to John Monk.
  • Sibylla Budd guest-starred as Lisa-Marie, Sharon's new best friend, in episode 2x03.
  • Vince Colosimo guest-starred as Jared, Brett's colleague, in 2x04.
  • Kate Atkinson guest-starred as a shop assistant helping Kim in 2x04.
  • Judith Lucy guest-starred as Bettina, a birthing-class teacher, in 2x06. She returned in the telemovie to play Santa's Elf
  • Frank Woodley guest-starred in 2x07 as a Wrestling fan.
  • Rachel Griffiths guest-starred as herself, at the races with a very drunk Kath, in 3x02.
  • Mark Holden guest-starred as himself, when Kim enters her baby daughter Epponee Rae into a baby competition called Bub's Idol (as Mark is a judge on Australian Idol), in 3x02.
  • Geoffrey Rush and his wife Jane Menelaus guest-starred in 3x03 as neighbours Geoff and Jane. Menelaus also played the wedding shop assistant in 1x05 and the maternity wear shop keeper in 2x07
  • Magda Szubanski played Brett's mother Lorraine in 3x03.
  • Gerry Connolly guest-starred as Meryl Streep, Musical Director at the Fountain Lakes Players, in 3x04.
  • Alan Brough played Alan, Sharon's love interest and fellow hospital volunteer in 3x05.
  • John Clarke guest-starred in 3x06 as a real estate agent.
  • Colin Lane guest-starred in 3x06 as a spa salesman.
  • Kylie Minogue guest-starred as Epponnee Rae, in the future, on her wedding day, in 3x08. She also had a brief, uncredited role at the end of 3x07 as herself.
  • Michael Bublé guest-starred as himself, when Kath and Kel became back-up dancers at his performance, in the telemovie.
  • Barry Humphries guest-starred as John Monk, an albino The Da Vinci Code European tour guide in the telemovie.
  • The Wiggles, Rove McManus and Rhonda Burchmore guest-starred as themselves in the telemovie.
  • Rob Sitch guest-starred as the host of the Fountain Gate Retailer of the Year Awards in 4x02. He also played King Javier in the movie.
  • Eric Bana guest-starred as himself in 4x02 while attending a coffee cart opening party at Bonbeach railway station.
  • Maggie Beer, Shannon Bennett, Bill Granger, Donna Hay, and Kylie Kwong all guest-starred as themselves in 4x03 as customers of Kel's butcher shop.
  • Katie Hastings also appeared in 4x03 as Kel's apprentice butcher.
  • Andrew O'Keefe guest-starred as himself as the host of Deal or No Deal in 4x05.
  • Matt Lucas guest-starred as Karen, a plus sized model who was travelling for work in Australia. She is Sharon's long lost half-sister from the United Kingdom and appeared in 4x06.[1][2] He also features as the character in a recorded message to Sharon before her wedding in 4x08.
  • Shane Warne guest-starred as Wayne, a Shane Warne impersonator, who marries Sharon at Luna Park, Melbourne.


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