Trude Mostue

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Trude Mostue
Trude Mostue with two cats.jpg
Mostue with two cats
Photo: Eirik Newth
Born Trude Mostue
28 March 1968
Oslo, Norway
Residence United Kingdom/Norway
Occupation Veterinary surgeon, television cast member, television presenter
Years active 1996–present
Known for Recurring roles in BBC veterinary and animal-related series and specials
Home town Siggerud
Television Vets' School (1996)
Vets in Practice (1997–2002)
Partner(s) Howard Thomas (2001–06)
Children Frøya Molly (born 2002)
Erik Delme (born 2003)
Hilda Nellie (born 2005)

Trude Mostue (born 28 March 1968) is a Norwegian veterinary surgeon and television presenter. She is best known for her appearances in the BBC documentary series Vet School in 1996, and later in the follow-up series Vets in Practice. She went on to present and co-present a number of television series. After leaving England, Mostue has returned to veterinary practice full-time in Norway.

Early life[edit]

Mostue was born in Oslo, Norway, and grew up in Siggerud.[1]

Television career[edit]

Mostue lived in the United Kingdom for several years, appearing in the BBC television documentary series Vet School (1996), and later in the follow-up series Vets in Practice (63 episodes, 1997–2002). She went on to present a variety of programmes relating to animals, including Vets to the Rescue,[2] Explorer: Vets at Large,[3] Vets on Holiday,[4] Vets in the Wild,[5] and Britain's Worst Pets.[6]

She has also been in Holiday,[7] Live & Kicking,[8] The Heaven and Earth Show,[9] Masterchef,[10] and One Man and His Dog.[11]

In 2006, she appeared on Skal vi danse, the Norwegian version of Strictly Come Dancing.


Mostue has published four books in the UK and one in Norway.[1] Her UK titles include Pets in Practice (2000), Vets in the Wild: The Real Stories Behind the BBC Television Series (1999), and Wild About Animals: A book of beastly behaviour (1999).

Professional veterinary practice[edit]

Mostue resides in Norway, where she co-owns a veterinary clinic.

Personal life[edit]

Mostue became engaged to Howard Thomas in 2000.[12] They had three children together: Frøya Molly (born 2002), Erik Delme (born 2003) and Hilda Nellie (born 2005).[citation needed] As of October 2006, Mostue had broken off the relationship.[citation needed]


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