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Trudeau Corporation, Boucherville, Québec

Trudeau Corporation is a Canadian company specialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of houseware, kitchenware and products for children under license. The Canadian distribution center is located in Longueuil, Quebec near Montreal; the American distribution center located in Woodridge, Illinois (near Chicago)


First generation[edit]

Trudeau Corporation manufactured kitchenware and tableware, starting as The General Bazaar Company in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in 1889. The company initially focused on the distribution of imported articles (smoker's accessories) and religious articles.

In 1919, Joseph-Arthur Trudeau became President.

Second generation[when?][edit]

Trudeau developed an extensive distribution network, emphasizing brand name small electrical accessories. It imported a range of decorative giftware made of crystal from France and from Czechkoslovakia.

Third generation[when?][edit]

Trudeau turned into a modern dynamic company.[citation needed] It added new exclusive ranges of housewares, giftware and porcelain figurine collectibles. Trudeau started to export its products from around the world. It experienced significant growth in many countries, especially for its range of children's tableware.

Trudeau launched the "Trudeau" and "Home Presence" Brands and created two organizations: Home Presence and Trudeau Corporation 1889 Inc.

4th generation[edit]

In 2007, Philippe Trudeau was officially nominated new president.


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