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Trudi may refer to:

  • Trudi Canavan (born 1969), Australian writer of fantasy novels
  • Trudi Le Caine, CM (1911–1999), arts patron in Ottawa, Canada
  • Trudi Meyer (1914–1999), German gymnast who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics
  • Trudi Musgrave (born 1977), left-handed Australian professional tennis player, based in Newcastle, Australia
  • Trudi Roth (born 1930), Swiss actress.
  • Trudi Schmidt, Democratic Party member of the Montana Senate, representing District 11 since 2002
  • Trudi Schoop (1904–1999), comedic dancer who pioneered the treatment of mental illness with dance therapy
  • Trudi Walend, Republican member of the North Carolina General Assembly
  • Trudi Williams, Fort Myers, Florida Republican politician

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