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Privately held company
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2003
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Area served
Key people
Michael Gotalsky, Stanislav Soldatov, Dmtriy Odintsov
Products Equipment production: videoconferencing, telepresence, VoIP, mobile solutions

TrueConf is a Russian company that designs and produces video conferencing solutions. TrueConf was the first to introduce a range of unique projects to video conferencing market, including developments in the field of 3D video conferencing, mobile video conferencing and gesture-based controls for video conferencing systems.

Initially, TrueConf software was designed to provide stable audio-visual communications on low and unreliable Internet connections, mostly modem connections. Since their launch in 2003, TrueConf has gone on to produce multiple software suites, specialized hardware, and web-based video conferencing solutions.

TrueConf video conferencing provides services for a number of non-profit social projects, and supports a number of conferences devoted to developing inclusive education in Russia and elsewhere.[1]

TrueConf is a member of International Association of Audiovisual Systems Integrators InfoComm International.


The company was established by graduates of Moscow State University's (MSU) computer graphics department.

The first official software was presented in the summer of 2003. MSU soon took interest in the new development. The university was the first customer. In that same year, several Russian companies and state educational establishments became customers of TrueConf. The technology was specially designed to work on low (approximately 64 kbit/s) and unreliable channels. This limitation was due to the peculiarities of local Eastern European Internet connections in the years 2002 to 2003. As network technology developed, the recommended connection speed grew up to 256 kbit/s – along with video and audio quality – and is now capable of supporting modern Full HD resolutions.

In 2003, TrueConf developed a video codec, Cyclon, which was designed especially for video conferencing. Cyclon uses a facial recognition algorithm to enable acceptable video quality with connection speeds as low as 20 to 40 kbit/s.[2]

In 2004, TrueConf published Version 4.3 of a client application for Windows with Russian and English. The application had the ability to record video in AVI format and store it on the user's hard disk drive.

In October 2006, TrueConf added collaboration tools to work with data in Version 5.2 of the client application for Microsoft Windows.

In 2007, Client application for Microsoft Windows, a part of the company's Internet video conferencing solution, received the honorary title of "Product of the Year" from PCmagazine (Russia).

In 2008, TrueConf launched a video conferencing solution for Windows Mobile 6.x devices.

In 2009, TrueConf released the first version of a client application for online video conferencing services, which provided users with even more opportunities for team collaboration and communications, including a slide show presentation feature.

In October 2010, the VP8 video codec (also known as WebM) became the default for all TrueConf products. Cyclon is still used, but only on computers with insufficient processing power (Pentium III processors or less), enabling video conferencing on older computers and slow connections.[3]

In 2011, TrueConf demonstrated prototypes of its newly developed projects: TrueConf 3D (the first solution for 3D video conferencing), TrueConf Mobile for the Android devices, and TrueConf Terminal, TrueConf's video conferencing hardware system.[4][5]

As of 2011, TrueConf supports high-definition video with resolutions approximating 720p, approximating 30 frames per second.[6]

As of May 2012, TrueConf was the first company in the world to introduce SVC support for the VP8 video codec.[7]

Since September 19, 2012, TrueConf solutions have added support for the audio codec Opus.

In December 2012, the TrueConf client application for the Apple OS X operating system was released.

Since March 2013, the company supports Full HD 1080p video resolution in their solutions. Also in March 2013, the company gave TrueConf Online cloud service users access to free 3-on-3 group video calls. In the same month, TrueConf implemented the support of symmetric and asymmetric group video conferencing in their mobile client app for iOS.

In June 2013, the company introduced a new version of the TrueConf video conferencing server with web managing tool that allows to set up a server from a browser, thus the making management process cross-platform.

TrueConf developed and added integration with PBX via SIP protocol, the ability to conduct group video conferencing and WebRTC broadcasting; user status display (online/offline); and chat support and desktop sharing which allows users to assign a server to the status of a software platform for unified communications (UC&C). In August 2013, TrueConf implemented the support of video conferencing broadcasts in web browsers using WebRTC technology.[8]

TrueConf has made their cloud collaboration tools free since September 2013.

In November 2013, after releasing TrueConf Mobile 1.2.0, TrueConf attained full BYOD support in TrueConf video conferencing solutions.[9]

Also in November 2013, TrueConf released a new version of its complete group video conferencing system, TrueConf Terminal 1.3.0, with support of Full HD video conferencing thanks to an enhanced hardware configuration which now includes a Full HD PTZ camera.[10]

In early December 2013, TrueConf introduced a new software solution for large video conferencing systems customers – TrueConf Directory 1.0.0. This product brings multiple TrueConf Server user databases together and synergizes them.

Beginning January 1, 2014, TrueConf was the first developer of video conferencing solutions to accept Bitcoin (BTC), the decentralized digital currency.

At Integrated Systems Europe 2014 in December, TrueConf announced support for 4K video conferencing. 4K resolution can be seen in TrueConf group conferences when the video windows of the participants are evenly distributed on the screen, thanks to the support of transmission of video streams from individual participants in resolutions up to 720p. When the number of users exceeds five, the total video resolution in the horizontal direction reaches up to 3840p.[11]

In July 2014, TrueConf released a new version of their software video conferencing server, TrueConf Server 4.2.5. The update included instant messaging during WebRTC conferences and the ability to join a conference via a link for browsers that do not support WebRTC.[12]

In early November 2014, TrueConf supported video content transmission to any VC endpoints.This feature allows broadcasting of video content of any kind (documents, media files, complicated 3D models, and even medical data) to any video conferencing endpoints including legacy ones. The efficient use of communication channels during content transmission is provided by adapting the content to the resolution of the endpoint devices using SVC technology.

In the end of November 2014, TrueConf introduced the first free software video conferencing server. The TrueConf Server Free License provides conferences for up to six participants with access to all group conferencing modes in resolutions of up to 4K (UltraHD). Participants can use client applications for all popular platforms (Windows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS), collaboration tools (including: Instant Messaging, Whiteboard, Conference Recording, File Transfer, and Presence), can conduct WebRTC-based conferences, and can also integrate their new system with existing VoIP and AV equipment.[13]

In December 2014 TrueConf introduced a new version of its software video conferencing server, TrueConf Server 4.3.0.[14] The new version now features support for H.323 endpoints, widescreen video, and slideshows in WebRTC conferences.

On the 10th of February 2015 TrueConf showcased 3D video conferencing at Integrated Systems Europe 2015 in Amsterdam.[15]

On June 9, 2015 TrueConf released an update for Linux and OS X 1.3.0.[16] The new version features an ability to show presentations and slides, and also to make calls to any phone numbers during video conferencing as well as out of conference.

Since September 28, 2015 TrueConf for iOS works in Apple Watch. Now smartwatch users can monitor active conversations and notifications about incoming calls.[17]

A new version of software server for video conferencing - TrueConf Server 4.3.5[18] was released in November 2015. It has the following new features:

  • Organizing webinars (public conferences).
  • Integration of TrueConf Server with other applications, websites and services with TrueConf API.
  • Video conference streaming via RTSP protocol as well as via streaming services.
  • Free and direct calls to subscribers of other servers and TrueConf Online cloud service using TrueConf Federation.[19]

Products and services[edit]

TrueConf product line

  • TrueConf Server Free – free on-premises unified communications software server for Business.
  • TrueConf Server – on-premises unified communications software server.
  • TrueConf Online – hosted video conferencing service.
  • TrueConf Terminal – hardware-based video conferencing system for rooms.
  • TrueConf Enterprise – a specific license for large companies with numerous employees and geographically distributed branch offices.
  • TrueConf Directory – allows users to combine user databases from multiple TrueConf Servers and to interact with other users on any associated network.

Other developments

  • TrueConf 3D – soft- and hardware based solution that enables 3D visual communication.

Client applications

  • There are versions TrueConf for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad), Android, WebRTC and Linux.


The company pays great attention to the security of user data. TrueConf solutions use SSL protocol for secure communication, the transmitted data is encrypted using AES-256. TrueConf Server also allows its users to deploy video conferencing system in private networks (LAN/VPN) without the need to connect to the Internet.


Among the company's customers are government agencies, educational and financial institutions, small and medium enterprises from different business sectors, including: Nestlé, VTB, Leroy Merlin, Kärcher, Gazprom JSC, The Ministry of Health of Russia, Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation, Yemen Ministry of Public Health, Binh Duong University, NGO Kades, National Measurement Institute, Lomonosov Moscow State University, The Brenner Base Tunnel and many others.

Cooperation with Wainhouse Research[edit]

Since May 3, 2012, TrueConf produces a Russian version of the bulletin from Wainhouse Research, a leading analytic agency. The bulletin explores digital and real-time communications, including video conferencing and telepresence.

Social activity[edit]

TrueConf has a long experience of cooperative work with Regional Society of Disabled People Perspektiva, a Russian non-governmental organization. During their collaboration, TrueConf has developed a free video application designed for people who suffer from hearing disorders. It was a disability-inclusive application for communicators and smartphones that enables visual communication on the Windows Mobile platform. This solution was also the basis for TrueConf Mobile, a client application for mobile devices using the Android and iOS platforms.[20]

Among other projects that TrueConf company supported was the international online video conference devoted to including children with disabilities in public education. At the conference, Keith Venables, the founder of Educational Psychologists for Inclusion Organization and British scholar of educational psychology, shared his experience with Russian experts.[21]

In October 2010, a theoretical and practical conference devoted to the problem of IT implementation into modern ophthalmology was held with TrueConf's support. Visual broadcasting of cataract phacoemulsification and microinvasive glaucoma surgery between Moscow and Madras was provided by TrueConf.[22]

TrueConf also supports non-profit educational events. The 9th International Internet Contest "Erudite of the planet 2010", workshop "The day of Free Access to Information" and a number of events was held under TrueConf technical support.[1]

Awards and accolades[edit]

TrueConf solutions were acknowledged as the Project of the Year 2007 according to PC Magazine Re Russian edition of which is published under license from Ziff-Davis Inc., New York. TrueConf solutions were also acknowledged as Success of the Year 2010 in the category "Video" according to LAN Magazine. "The victory was achieved due to development of company's own decoder Cyclon – it is fully adapted to Russian conditions and provides business-quality video and sound on channels with low quality (128 kbps)".

In March 2011, TrueConf demonstrated the first Russian solution for 3D video conferences. TrueConf 3D was acknowledged as Break of the Year 2011 according to LAN Magazine.[23]

The first Russian hardware-based video conferencing room system TrueConf Terminal was also developed by TrueConf.


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