True Believers (miniseries)

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True Believers
Genre Miniseries
Written by Bob Ellis
Stephen Ramsay
Directed by Peter Fisk
Starring Ed Devereaux
Simon Chilvers
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Stephen O'Rourke
Matt Carroll
Sandra Levy
Running time 8 x 1 hour
Original network ABC
Original release 28 June 1988

The True Believers is a 1988 Australian mini series which looks at the history of the Australian Labor Party from the end of World War Two up to the Australian Labor Party split of 1955.[1]

It was co-written by Bob Ellis who focused on three characters "Chifley, the unlettered man of great dignity; Menzies, who used to stand for something but eventually stood only for Menzies; and Evatt, the grand idealist... It's almost like Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 1. It's a chunk of national history during Australia's great era of change after the war."[2]



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Filmed on location at The Zig Zag Railway Lithgow, the steam locomotive used was 1072 x Queensland locomotive, South Australian carriages were utilised for some scenes these were stationary for filming. The area at bottom points and the depot became the set, the carriages lost in a bush fire in 2013.

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location: Zig Zag Railway Lithgow