True Heroes (TV series)

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True Heroes
Title card
Genre Police procedural
Starring Christopher Lee
Phyllis Quek
Allan Wu
Yvonne Lim
Jeanette Aw
Opening theme 在你左右 by Christopher Lee
Ending theme 英雄好汉 by Christopher Lee
每一天的思恋 by Christopher Lee and Phyllis Quek
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Chinese
No. of episodes 25
Producer(s) Yeo Saik Pin
Running time approx. 45 minutes
Original network MediaCorp
Original release 5 May – 6 June 2003
Followed by Holland V
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True Heroes (真心英雄) revolves around the daily lives of three police officers in a Neighbourhood Police Centre in Singapore. It stars Christopher Lee , Phyllis Quek , Allan Wu , Yvonne Lim & Jeanette Aw as the casts of the series. The show was endorsed by the Singapore Police Force, which opened up facilities such as the Old Police Academy and the Ang Mo Kio Police Division facilities, and loaned real police vehicles and equipment for filming purposes.



Award Nominee Result
Best Actor 最佳男主角 Christopher Lee Nominated


Real crimes such as the spider robber, VCD piracy, juvenile delinquency, gangsterism and cybercrime have been woven into this 25-episode action story. The police officers in the story stay alert daily to provide security to the civilians, making them the "True Heroes".

Chen Junhao (Christopher Lee) is a righteous and courageous cop who was born into a family of police officers. Junhao graduated with top honours from the police academy and harbours the ambition to follow his father's footsteps into the elite Criminal Investigation Department. He is sorely disappointed when he learns that he has been assigned to a neighbourhood police centre. At the NPC, Junhao and his colleague Wang Feng (Allan Wu) do not see eye to eye and their relationship further deteriorates when Junhao accidentally mistakes Wang Feng's father for a robber and "arrests" him.

During a big fire, Junhao saves the life of an old lady, earning the adoration of the old lady's granddaughter, Irene (Yvonne Lim), who is the neighbourhood "ah lian". Much to Junhao's annoyance, Irene tries to come between him and his colleague-cum-love-interest, Kexin (Phyllis Quek).

Wang Feng falls for Junhao's sister Huimin (Jeanette Aw), who attempts to patch up his relationship with his younger brother Wang Wei (Zzen Zhang). He eventually changes his mind about Junhao when the latter saves him during a mission. Junhao also accepts Wang Feng after uncovering his troubled and complex family life.

Junhao's best friend uses his identity to commit multiple sex crimes and Junhao ends up taking the rap and is jailed. Kexin's younger sister has been kidnapped as revenge against her. Wang Feng witnesses the stabbing of his own younger brother, who eventually dies in his arms. Each officer is tested as their jobs soon catch up with their personal lives.

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