True Justice

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True Justice
TRUE JUSTICE poster.jpg
Genre Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller
Created by Steven Seagal
Written by Steven Seagal
Directed by Keoni Waxman
Wayne Rose
Lauro Chartrand
Starring Steven Seagal
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26 (list of episodes)
Original network 5USA
Original release July 6, 2011 – September 26, 2012

True Justice is a television series about undercover police officers starring Steven Seagal.[1] Seagal stars as Elijah Kane, and heads a special task force in Seattle, Washington. On April 26, 2012, US broadcaster ReelzChannel renewed the series for a second season of 13 episodes to air in 2012.[2]

The series first aired on Nitro, a TV station in Spain, starting on May 12, 2011.[3] It also aired in the UK on 5USA, with the first episode broadcast on 20 July 2011.[4] 5USA also broadcast the 2nd season, starting on 4 July 2012, with the episode "Vengeance is Mine".[5] The second season is sub-titled "The Ghost", the name of the villain that the main characters are pursuing.

Some episodes were made available in Poland on Cyfrowy Polsat VOD, between 30 September and 31 October 2011.[6] The series started airing on Reelz Channel in the United States on March 30, 2012.[7] The series is gradually being released on DVD and Blu-ray, two episodes at a time, edited into single "movies" (see below). A box set of the first season was released in Australia by Paramount Home Entertainment on December 8, 2011.


Main Cast[edit]

Name Portrayed by Seasons
1 2
Elijah Kane Steven Seagal Main
Sarah Montgomery Sarah Lind Main
Mark Simms Lochlyn Munro Main
Johnny Garcia Jesse Hutch Main
Jessica Finch Tanaya Beatty Main
Marcus Mitchell Adrian Holmes Recurring Main
Andre Mason William 'Big Sleeps' Stewart Main Recurring
Juliet Sanders Meghan Ory Main
Landon Radner Warren Christie Main

Recurring Cast[edit]

Name Portrayed By Episodes
Sheriff Graves Adrian Hough 12 episodes
Jordan Sparks Elizabeth Thai 8 episodes
Edi "Edward" Gogol Zak Santiago 8 episodes
Brad Gates Kyle Cassie 6 episodes
Hiro Alex Mallari Jr. 6 episodes
Castillo Ty Olsson 6 episodes
Richard Lynch Rick Ravanello 6 episodes
Anna Zemenko Emilie Ullerup 5 episodes
Milan Saric Mike Dopud 3 episodes
Thomas Madison (T.M.) Snow Martin Cummins 3 episodes
Nikoli Putin Gil Bellows 3 episodes
Tanaka George Takei 2 episodes

Series Continuity and Setting[edit]

Though set in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area, numerous differences exist between portrayal in the series and the region in actuality:

The series pilot establishes the focal Sherriff's department as being that of Everett county, with its headquarters located in downtown Seattle. In fact, no 'Everett County' exists in Washington state. The city of Seattle resides in King county. The city of Everett, 30 miles north of Seattle, resides in Snohomish county. Additionally, the second episode of Season One conflates the cities of Seattle and nearby Bellevue. The episode portrays a Seattle city councilman as representing the 'Bellevue District'. In fact, no such district exists within the representative city government of Seattle.

The majority of Season One and Two episodes feature plots involving an economically depressed near-to-Seattle waterfront community known as Camp Harmony, a historic World War Two internment site located in what is now Puyallup, Washington. The community is portrayed as an eclectic mix of Native Americans, immigrants from east Asia, impoverished trailer-residing Caucasians, ex-convicts, and refugees from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In reality, no community named 'Camp Harmony' exists in Washington state and the former internment site is currently home to the Puyallup Fairgrounds. Modern Puyallup is an economically vibrant small town and suburb of the city of Tacoma. As an inland community, and contrary to its portrayal in the series, Puyallup is not proximate to the waterfront of the Puget Sound. The plot of Season One features Harmony's refugee Louisiana fishermen as integral to drug smuggling in supposedly difficult to navigate and labyrinthine waterways of the Puget Sound. In reality, the waterways of the region are broad and well-documented main channels and inlets, under frequent use by commercial, industrial and recreational boat traffic.

Though the series is nominally based in Seattle, Washington, principal production and photography occurred in Vancouver, British Columbia. Second unit shots and stock footage from Seattle are used to provide localized context between scenes. In the fourth episode of Season One, however, clearly visible street signs and cross-streets display names unique to Vancouver, which cannot be found in Seattle. Other Vancouver-specific signs appear throughout the series, in particular those related to Vancouver's public transit system. In the sixth episode of Season One, an ambulance in the foreground of an establishing shot is clearly labeled 'San Mateo County Paramedics' and includes a prominent emblem of the state of California, despite the hospital in the background being labeled 'SeaTac General Hospital' (a facility which in reality does not exist).


UK DVDs[edit]

True Justice is gradually being released as a series of DVD (and some Blu-ray) "movies" in the UK, with each disc editing together two episodes. Deadly Crossing was also released in Mexico by Videomax under their Gussi label.[8] To date the releases have been:

  1. Deadly Crossing (Season One, episodes one and two)
  2. Dark Vengeance (Season One, episodes three and four)
  3. Street Wars (Season One, episodes five and six)
  4. Lethal Justice (Season One, episodes seven and eight)
  5. Death Riders (Season One, episodes nine and ten)
  6. Urban Warfare (Season One, episodes eleven and twelve)
  7. Soldier of Vengeance (Season Two, episodes one and two)
  8. Blood Alley (Season Two, episodes three and four)
  9. Violence of Action (Season Two, episodes five and six)
  10. Angel of Death (Season Two, episodes seven and eight)
  11. Dead Drop (Season Two, episodes nine and ten)
  12. One Shot One Life (Season Two, episodes eleven and twelve)

NB: The final episode of Season One, "Payback", has not yet been included on any of these DVDs.


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