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Truevision3D Engine
Developer(s)Truevision3D, LLC.
Stable release
6.3 / May 5, 2007
Preview release
6.5 / September 2, 2007
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
Type3D Engine
LicenseUS$150 for a single-title license, $500 for a multiple-title license

Truevision3D was a commercial computer software 3D engine first created as a hobby project by Sylvain Dupont in 1999. With the addition of Arli Mujkic and John Hart, Truevision3D LLC. was formed.

The Truevision3D (commonly abbreviated as TV3D) engine was written in Visual Basic 6 and C++ and layered on top of the Microsoft DirectX API, supporting DirectX version 8. The engine is accessible from a number of programming languages including C++, C#, Delphi and Visual Basic (6 and .NET). The last version of Truevision3D was 6.3. Version 6.5, reached public pre-release status and it was very stable. This included significant updates to the engine, such as DirectX 9 and shader support, as well as being rewritten in 100% C++.

Known issues[edit]

Versions 6.2 and 6.3 have issues with C++ support, it is not possible for example to make it work in certain compilers. Version 6.5 works with any language that can utilize COM, managed libraries, or static libs.

There is also a known issue between version 6.3 on Windows Vista since it needs a dll from DirectX 8 which Vista does not have and it is contractually illegal to simply add it. Microsoft has been contacted regarding this issue but has not demonstrated in their forums any will to include the dll.


Version 6.5 includes 3D, Media, and Network Engines.

Included with the SDK are multiple tools to help speed up development: a shader editor, model viewer, exporting plugins for various modeling software (3D Studio Max, Maya, and Milkshape 3D currently) and particle effects editors. Because version TV3D 6.5 no longer supports outdated mesh formats, many converters are also available. An official world or map editor is not currently planned because it hinders the end-user, since there is no way one editor can be used for every project this engine is used for. Furthermore, TV3D is a 3D engine, not a game engine, and an official editor would limit it too much. However, there are some user-created map editors available.

Truevision3D is free to use as long as the user doesn't mind a logo in the corner of the rendering viewport. To remove the logo and publish a commercial project, a license needs to be acquired. Currently, the cost is $150 for a single-title license, $500 for a multi-title license. A source license can be purchased for an as yet undisclosed price.

About Truevision3D[edit]

Truevision3D began as a hobby project back in January 1999. Sylvain Dupont created a 3D engine in Visual Basic 6 with DirectX 7 & 8. With the later addition of Arli Mujkic and John Hart, Truevision3D, LLC. was formed to make TV3D a commercial product.