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Trujillo State
Estado Trujillo
Flag of Trujillo State
Coat of arms of Trujillo State
Coat of arms
Anthem: Trujillo State Anthem
Location within Venezuela
Location within Venezuela
Country  Venezuela
Created 1899
Capital Trujillo
 • Governor Henry Rangel Silva (2012–present)
 • Total 7,400 km2 (2,900 sq mi)
Area rank 18th
  0.81% of Venezuela
Population (2007 est.)
 • Total 711,400
 • Rank 17th
  2.58% of Venezuela
Time zone UTC-04:30
ISO 3166 code VE-T
Emblematic tree Bucare anauco (Erythrina fusca)
Bocono, Trujillo
"La Lagunita", located in La Puerta, Trujillo state, Venezuela.

Trujillo State (Spanish: Estado Trujillo, IPA: [esˈtaðo tɾuˈxiʎo]) is one of the 23 states of Venezuela. Its capital is Trujillo but the largest city is Valera. The state is divided into 20 municipalities and 93 parishes. Trujillo State covers a total surface area of 7,400 km²[1][2] (or 7,198 km²[3]) and, in 2007, had an estimated population of 711,400.


Trujillo state was founded from the former Trujillo Province following the creation of the States of Venezuela in 1864 after the Federal War.

Municipalities and municipal seats[edit]

  1. Andrés Bello (Santa Isabel)
  2. Boconó (Boconó)
  3. Bolívar (Sabana Grande)
  4. Candelaria (Chejendé)
  5. Carache (Carache)
  6. Escuque (Escuque)
  7. José Felipe Márquez Cañizales (El Paradero)
  8. José Vicente Campo Elías (Campo Elías)
  9. La Ceiba (Santa Apolonia)
  10. Miranda (El Dividive)
  11. Monte Carmelo (Monte Carmelo)
  12. Motatán (Motatán)
  13. Pampán (Pampán)
  14. Pampanito (Pampanito)
  15. Rafael Rangel (Betijoque)
  16. San Rafael de Carvajal (Carvajal)
  17. Sucre (Sabana de Mendoza)
  18. Trujillo (Trujillo)
  19. Urdaneta (La Quebrada)
  20. Valera (Valera)


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