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Truly Indie is an "innovative distribution program" providing independent filmmakers the sales and marketing tools necessary to distribute their films by-passing traditional distribution companies. By providing a way for self-funded distribution, Truly Indie aims to enable filmmakers to "retain control" over all rights and decisions relating to their films. The program was launched by Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner's media company 2929 Entertainment in 2005 in Austin, Texas.

Business model[edit]

Truly Indie enables theatrical distribution funded by filmmakers themselves, mainly through 2929 Entertainment's Landmark Theaters. The filmmaker pays an up front fee that covers all distribution costs (marketing, advertising, and publicity). Securing a one-week run in at least five markets, the filmmaker keeps all of box office receipts and retains all rights to their film.[1][2]

With Cohen Media's purchase of Landmark Theaters, the Truly Indie program appears to now be defunct.

Filmography - Distributor[edit]

Independent films distributed by Truly Indie as of 2007: