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Trump or trump may refer to:

Card games[edit]

  • Trump (card games), a card of a suit which outranks all other suits in many trick-taking games
  • Trumps (Tarot cards), or Major Arcana, special cards in the Tarot pack
  • Trumps, or court piece, a trick-taking card game related to whist
  • Top Trumps, thematic packs of cards with numerical data used in a game with the same name
  • Trump Suit, a card game


  • Trump (surname), list of persons with the name (including the Trump family)
  • Donald Trump (born 1946), President-elect of the United States
  • Donald Trump Jr. (born 1977), son of President-elect Donald Trump
  • Frederick Trump (1869–1918), German-born American businessman
  • Fred Trump (1905–1999), American real estate developer and philanthropist
  • Trump (video gamer) (born 1987), pseudonym of Jeffrey Shih, Hearthstone streamer and competitor



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