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Jeffrey Shih
Status Active
Born (1987-06-28) June 28, 1987 (age 31)
Hometown Bay Area
Nationality American
Current team Tempo Storm
Games Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Starcraft II
Career prize money $46,262.50
Nickname(s) TrumpSC
Professional career
2014 Team Razer
2014–2017 Team SoloMid
2017–Present Tempo Storm

Jeffrey Shih (Chinese: 石謙和; pinyin: shí qiān hé; Wade–Giles: shih2 ch'ien he2[citation needed] born June 28, 1987), also known by his username Trump or TrumpSC, is an American professional video game player who streams Hearthstone and previously Starcraft II. As of 2017 he plays for Tempo Storm. Prior to joining Team SoloMid in 2014, Shih grew his channel into one of the most popular Hearthstone streams on the game streaming website Twitch. He is one of the top Hearthstone competitors in North America. He formerly played Starcraft II for the Team Legion and Vega Squadron groups.


Shih graduated from New York University with a bachelor's degree in management and finance in 2009. Around that time he began working at a bank and streaming himself playing Starcraft II in his free time, averaging a few thousand concurrent viewers a stream. Shih's main intention behind his nickname Trump was to use the verb form of the word trump meaning to excel, yet he was influenced by watching Donald Trump on the reality television show The Apprentice.[1] Eventually Trump decided to quit his job and began streaming full-time, making a living from Twitch's partnership program by earning revenue from advertisements and subscriptions.[2] He later began playing and streaming Hearthstone starting in the game's beta phase. Trump has been described as "the world's most famous Hearthstone player", attracting over 20,000 concurrent viewers on his stream.[3][4][5][6] Shih streams for seven hours per day.[6] On October 13, 2013 he was signed by Team Razer as the world's first professional Hearthstone player.[3][7]

In the Blizzard 2013 Stream Awards, Shih won the "Most Educational Stream" category with 43% of the vote,[3] and came second in the "Favorite Hearthstone Stream" category.[8] Shih's Hearthstone decks are often used as examples for new players.[9][10] Blizzard Entertainment, creators of Hearthstone, cited streamers like Trump as reasons they were happy to continue with the game's monetization model after he reached the game's highest ranks without spending any money.[5] In July 2014 Trump joined Team SoloMid.[11]

He left Team SoloMid in March 2017 and signed to Tempo Storm as a player and content creator for the team.[12]

Tournament results[edit]

  • 7-8th — 2015 Hearthstone World Championship - Americas Championship

Personal life[edit]

Trump was born on June 28, 1987 in South Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.[13][14] He is an only child. He attended New York University's Stern School of Business from 2005 to 2009. Trump lived in the San Francisco Bay Area until June 2016, when he moved to Austin, Texas.[13]


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