Trump Village

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Trump Village
Trump Village.jpg
General information
LocationConey Island, Brooklyn, New York
Coordinates40°34′42″N 73°58′25″W / 40.57828°N 73.97358°W / 40.57828; -73.97358
Design and construction
ArchitectMorris Lapidus
DeveloperFred Trump

Trump Village is a seven-building apartment complex in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York City, U.S.[1][2]


The apartment complex was built in 1963–1964 by Fred Trump, the father of Donald Trump.[1][3] The complex, built on the site of the former Culver Depot,[4] was designed by architect Morris Lapidus.[2]

The construction cost US$70 million.[5] It was supported by the New York State Housing Finance Agency through public bonds issued by the state of New York, coupled with tax exemption.[6] Five out of the seven buildings were part of the Mitchell-Lama Housing Program until 2007.[3]

It is the only Trump building complex named for Fred Trump rather than his son Donald.[7]


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