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Trump Winery
Trump Winery logo.png
LocationCharlottesville, Virginia, USA
FormerlyKluge Estate Winery and Vineyard[1]
FoundedOctober 2011
Key peopleEric Trump, owner[2]
Kerry Woolard, General Manager
Jonathan Wheeler, Winemaker
Parent companyEric Trump Wine Manufacturing LLC
TastingOpen to the public

Trump Winery (formerly Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard[3]) is a Virginia winery situated on Trump Vineyard Estates in Charlottesville, Virginia. The vineyard was purchased by businessman (now U.S. President) Donald Trump in April 2011[4] and was officially re-opened in October 2011.[5] Since 2012, it has been owned and operated by Trump's son Eric, under the name Eric Trump Wine Manufacturing LLC.[2][6][7] Trump Winery manufactures 36,000 cases of wine per year. Donald Trump has referred to it as "one of the largest wineries in the United States". It ranks behind two other Virginia wineries that produce at least 60,000 cases of wine per year.[8] The current General Manager of the winery, Kerry Hannon Woolard, was a supporter of Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and appeared as a guest speaker at the 2016 Republican National Convention as well as other campaign events.[9]


Donald Trump purchased the vineyard out of foreclosure from three different banks, not from Patricia Kluge directly like some have suggested. Prior to being foreclosed, Patricia Kluge, former wife of American billionaire John Kluge, did own the property. After her divorce in 1990, Kluge spent much of her remaining fortune over the following two decades, in 1999 establishing a winery[10] and continuing to expand its production.[3] She and her new husband also took out $65 million in loans to fund the expansion.[3] In 2011 the couple defaulted on the loans.[3][11][12][13][14] Bank of America acquired the mortgage on the mansion itself, but the surrounding property was still held in a Kluge family trust. Trump, a longstanding friend of Patricia Kluge, bought the 200 acres (0.81 km2) surrounding the property directly from the trust for $150,000.[15] The bank later alleged that Trump subsequently arranged for "No Trespassing" signs to be placed around the property and to allow the lawns to become overgrown in order to ward off potential buyers and to give the appearance of Trump's exclusive access to the property, although the bank's property interest in the main house included right-of-way easements. Trump then purchased the land from Bank of America for $3.6 million, a significant discount from the $16 million the bank had paid at the foreclosure auction to retain the property[16] and to Kluge's original $100 million asking price the prior year.[3][17][18][19][20][21][22][15]

In March 2016 Donald Trump stated publicly that he owned "the largest winery on the east coast,",[6][7][23] although Politifact later determined this not to be true.[24] Trump Winery makes 36,000 cases of wine per year compared to Williamsburg Winery and Chateau Morrisette Winery, which produce at least 60,000 cases per year, according to The Virginia Wine Board.[24] Trump Winery does have 227 acres of vineyard which makes it the largest vineyard in Virginia.


Numerous gold medals at national and international wine competitions and best-in-class designations. 90 points from Wine Spectator for Blanc de Blanc, 91 points from James Suckling and Wine Enthusiast for Sparkling Reserve.

In March 2013, Wine Enthusiast magazine gave the 2007 Trump SP Reserve a 91-point rating, which was at that time the highest rating for a still or sparkling Virginia wine.[25]


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