Trumpet Concerto (Leopold Mozart)

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Trumpet Concerto
by Leopold Mozart
Leopold Mozart.jpg
Key D Major
Year 1762 (1762)
Period Classical
Genre Concerto
Movements 2
Scoring Trumpet, two horns and strings

Leopold Mozart's Trumpet Concerto in D major was completed in 1762, and is now "popular with trumpeters."[1] The work is in two movements:

  1. Largo[2]
  2. Allegro moderato

Besides the solo trumpet in D, the concerto is scored for two horns in D and strings. Only the first movement provides room for a cadenza; the Gábor Darvas edition published by Editio Musica gives an 8-measure cadenza which requires no ledger lines but consistently involves small note values. In fact, in regards to range, the concerto is "cautious."[3]


Nikolaus Harnoncourt with Vienna Concentus Musicus chooses this Trumpet Concerto to cap off a disc of music by the composer's son, which includes the Bassoon Concerto K. 191.

It can also be found on several CDs with trumpet concertos by other composers, such as:


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