Trung Hoà–Nhân Chính

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Trung Hoà–Nhân Chính (sometimes referred to as Koreatown) is a borough in southwestern Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

This borough comprises the Trung Hoà ward of Cầu Giấy District and Nhân Chính ward of Thanh Xuân District. The area is sometimes referred to as the local "Koreatown" of Hanoi, with its significant Korean population. According to the Đô thị e-magazine, the borough was Hanoi's most desirable urban area in 2008.[1][2][3]


Trung Hoà–Nhân Chính is a centre of important headquarters, banks and enterprises. The area features mother roads of the city which link to Hoà Lạc high-tech park and Hà Tây in the south.

Various significant buildings are listed in this area, which include:

Financial centers[edit]

A variety of banks and security companies have been being opened in Trung Hoà–Nhân Chính, which includes:

Major roads[edit]

  • Phạm Hùng Boulevard[4] – links central Thanh Xuân district to western Cầu Giấy district
  • Tran Duy Hung Boulevard – links western Đống Đa District to the western Thanh Xuân district
  • Le Van Luong Boulevard (lengthened continuation of Lang Ha Avenue) – links central Đống Đa District to Hà Đông
  • Khuat Duy Tien Boulevard – links the central to the western parts of Thanh Xuân District
  • Thang Long Boulevard – links central South West to the Hòa Lạc hi-tech park