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Trustpower Limited
Traded as NZX: TPW
Industry Energy
Founded 1993
Headquarters Tauranga, New Zealand
Services Electricity
Revenue NZD$933.8m[1]
Total assets NZD$3,816m[1]
Total equity NZD$1,888m[1]
Number of employees

Trustpower Limited is a New Zealand electricity generation and electricity retailing company, listed on the New Zealand stock exchange.

Trustpower is New Zealand's fifth largest electricity generator (in terms of MW capacity, GWh output and revenue) and the fourth largest electricity retailer (in customer numbers), serving 277,000 customers throughout New Zealand. The company owns and operates 34 power stations. It generates the majority of its electricity using renewable energy sources, primarily hydro-electric but also wind farms.

The company's ownership structure is dominated by its two major shareholders: Infratil which owns 50.5% and the Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust (TECT) which owns 26.8%. The company's remaining shares are owned by 12,000 small parcel shareholders and there are also 12,000 bond holders.[2]

In 2013 it bought Energy Direct, a Wanganui electricity and gas company.[3]

In 2015, it bought 65% of King Country Energy Ltd from Nova Energy.[4] King Country Energy generates all of its electricity from renewable sources (principally hydro-electric generation) and supplies electricity to the Waitomo, King Country and Ruapehu Districts. King Country Energy was incorporated in 1991.

Power stations[edit]

Trustpower power stations in New Zealand
Station Type Capacity Commissioned Location
Bream Bay diesel 9 MW 2011 Northland
Lloyd Mandeno hydro 16 MW Bay of Plenty
Lower Mangapapa hydro 5.6 MW 1979
Ruahihi hydro 20 MW 1981
Kaimai 5 hydro 0.3 MW
Matahina hydro 80 MW 1967
Wheao / Flaxy hydro 26 MW 1982
Hinemaiaia hydro 6 MW 1952
Mangorei hydro 4.5 MW 1906 Taranaki
Motukawa hydro 5 MW 1927
Patea hydro 31 MW 1984
Tararua wind 161 MW 1999 Manawatu
Cobb hydro 32 MW 1944 Nelson
Argyle hydro 11 MW 1983 Marlborough
Wairau hydro MW
Waihopai hydro 2.4 MW 1927
Arnold hydro 3 MW 1932 West Coast
Kumara hydro 6.5 MW
Dillmans hydro 3.5 MW
Duffers hydro 0.5 MW
Kaniere hydro 0.4 MW 1909
McKay's Creek hydro 1.1 MW 1931
Wahapo hydro 3.1 MW 1960
Coleridge hydro 39 MW 1914 Canterbury
Highbank hydro 28 MW 1945
Montalto hydro 1.8 MW 1982
Paerau / Patearea hydro 12 MW 1984 Otago
Deep Stream hydro 5 MW 2008
Waipori hydro 84 MW 1907
Mahinerangi wind 36 MW 2011
Trustpower power stations in Australia
Station Type Capacity Commissioned Location
Snowtown Wind Farm[5][6] wind 368 MW 2008, 2014 South Australia
Myponga Wind Farm wind 35 MW proposed
Dundonnell Wind Farm[7] wind 300 MW proposed Victoria
Salt Creek Wind Farm[8] wind 30 MW proposed


Trustpower's current development projects in New Zealand include the Awhitu Wind Farm near Waiuku, the Wairau Hydro Scheme near Blenheim and the Kaiwera Downs Wind Farm in Southland.

On 2 November 2008, Trustpower opened Stage 1 of the Snowtown Wind Farm, its first wind farm in Australia. The wind farm is near the township of Snowtown, 170 km north of Adelaide, and will generate 370-380 GWh pa with 47 wind turbines. Project cost is $220 million.[5] The project was completed in November 2014.[6]

The Myponga Wind Farm was a $120m project of 16 wind turbines, to be located near Sellicks Hill on the southern outskirts of Adelaide. Trustpower abandoned this project in 2009.[9]

In 2016, resource consent applications were lodged for the Waverley Wind Farm.

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