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The Trust Me I'm A Holiday Rep logo.

Trust Me - I'm A Holiday Rep is a reality television show that was broadcast by Five in the United Kingdom.

The first series ran nightly with 10 programmes over 2 weeks. It chronicles attempts by 6 celebrities to work as holiday reps for tour group Olympic Holidays. The programme was presented by Toby Anstis and Nancy Sorrell.

Series 2 was also broadcast nightly over 10 days from Monday 18th - Wednesday 27 September. Again the celebs were working for Olympic Holidays, this time in Malia in Crete in Greece. The series was presented by Lucy Rusedski and Andy Goldstein.

2005 Series 1: Ayia Napa[edit]

The celebrities who took part were:

Nadia was drafted in to replace Lennard after she was "sacked" half way through the show for continuous breaking of the rules and general bad attitude.

2006 Series 2: Crete[edit]

Filmed in July 2006 in the resorts of Malia, Stallis and Sissi in eastern Crete.

The celebrities who took part were:

Rowley quit the show on day 5 but was quickly replaced by former royal butler, Paul.

Executive Producer: Claire Zolkwer,
Series Producer: Helen Cooke,
Producer: Simon McKeown & Jane Eames,
Assistant Producer: Rebecca Wilcox,
Researcher: Jason Oates, David Smyth,
Runner: Holly Abey

Both series were amongst the first major TV series to be edited online using FORscene.