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Trusted Network Connect (TNC) is an open architecture for Network Access Control, promulgated by the Trusted Network Connect Work Group (TNC-WG) of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG).[1][2][3]


The TNC architecture was first introduced at the RSA Conference in 2005.[4] TNC was originally a network access control standard with a goal of multi-vendor endpoint policy enforcement.[5]

In 2009 TCG announced expanded specifications which extended the specifications to systems outside of the enterprise network.[6] Additional uses for TNC which have been reported include Industrial Control System (ICS), SCADA security,[7][8] and physical security.[9]


Specifications introduced by the TNC Work Group:[10]

  • TNC Architecture for Interoperability
  • IF-IMC - Integrity Measurement Collector Interface
  • IF-IMV - Integrity Measurement Verifier Interface[11]
  • IF-TNCCS - Trusted Network Connect Client-Server Interface[12]
  • IF-M - Vendor-Specific IMC/IMV Messages Interface
  • IF-T - Network Authorization Transport Interface[13]
  • IF-PEP - Policy Enforcement Point Interface[14]
  • IF-MAP - Metadata Access Point Interface
  • CESP - Clientless Endpoint Support Profile
  • Federated TNC[6]

TNC Vendor Adoption[edit]

A partial list of vendors who have adopted TNC Standards:[15]

Also, networking by

TNC Customer Adoption[edit]

The U.S. Army has planned to use this technology to enhance the security of its computer networks.[16]

The South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services has tested a TNC-SCAP integration combination in a pilot program.[17]

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