Truth (2000 Michael Sweet album)

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Studio album by Michael Sweet
Released 2000
Genre Christian rock
Label Restless Records
Producer Bob Marlette, Michael Sweet
Michael Sweet chronology

Truth is the official full-length version of the demo album of the same name released by Christian rock singer and Stryper frontman Michael Sweet, two years before (1998). This version was released by Restless Records in 2000.

The first demo version of the album, sold independently through Sweet's website, did very well selling 25,000 units. This prompted several labels to seek the rights to release it.[1]

The album features almost all of the songs included in the demo version (sans two) with new arrangements and a more polished sound and mix. It also features four new songs[2] ("All I'm Thinking Of (Is You)", "Save Me", "Ever After" and "Tomorrow").

Sweet's Stryper bandmate, Oz Fox, is featured on a guitar solo on "Ever After".

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating 2.5/5 stars[3]
HM Magazine [2]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Michael Sweet.

No. Title Length
1. "Distracted" 5:24
2. "All I'm Thinking Of (Is You)" 4:40
3. "I Am Adam" 4:32
4. "Blue Bleeds Through" 4:46
5. "Wool & Chiffon" 4:56
6. "Save Me" 4:41
7. "The Ever After" 4:07
8. "Tomorrow" 3:41
9. "Lift My Head" 4:39
10. "Truth" 4:42
11. "Achilles Heel" 3:53
12. "Stone" 4:58
Total length: 54:59


Production crew[edit]

  • Produced by Bob Marlette and Michael Sweet
  • Engineered and mixed by Bob Marlette
  • Recorded at Sound Techniques, Boston; The Blue Room and A&M Studios, Los Angeles


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