Truth (American band)

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Origin Mobile, Alabama, United States
Genres Contemporary Christian
Instruments Voice
Years active 1971–2001
Labels Impact, Paragon, Benson, Integrity, Pamplin

Truth was an American Contemporary Christian group, active from 1971 to 2001. Formed by John Roger Breland, the ensemble's name stands for "Trust, Receive, Unchangeable, True Happiness [in Jesus]".[1] It was initially composed of some 15 members who toured extensively year-round, eventually recording frequently as well. It eventually expanded to 22 members and continued touring regularly for thirty years, dissolving in 2001. In 2000, the group was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.[1]


In 1967, Roger Breland, minister of music at Spring Hill Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama, was inspired by Ralph Carmichael's musical Good News, and introduced the youth choir to a more contemporary sound.[citation needed]

The youth choir at Spring Hill Baptist grew over the course of two years from 7 children to 140 children. Fueled by the inspiration from the group The Spurrlows in concert at his home church, Roger began laying the groundwork for a touring group. Wanting to name the group something with a distinctive identity that did not sound preachy or worldly, Roger's wife, Linda Breland, suggested Truth. The group hit the road in 1971. Traveling in two station wagons, the group sang at barbecues in backyards and opening of service stations in the Southern United States. They were turned away many times from churches because of their contemporary sound. Many times they would do cover work by the Gaithers, with songs like "Get All Excited" and "Because He Lives".

In 1973, Truth performed "The Church Triumphant" to a standing ovation at the annual Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas, Texas. This opened doors for Truth all over the country and would later take them to their first number one hit.

"Jesus Never Fails"[edit]

In 1981, Truth had been on the road for ten years. They had success in the local church but not much on the Christian radio stations but that changed when Roger was brought a song written by Gary Driskell entitled "Jesus Never Fails". The song was sung as a duet with the rest of the group singing back-up, and it appeared on the 1982 album Keeper of My Heart. The song rose to number one on the Contemporary Christian chart. More duets brought to the group also made an appearance on the charts such as "You'll Still Be Lord Of All".

The 1990s[edit]

In 1990, Truth released its third Live album entitled Live. The album was also produced with a VHS tape. The group at the time featured Mark Harris, Andy Chrisman, Marty Magehee and Kirk Sullivan who would later start the group 4HIM.

In the 1990s, Roger Breland released a book that tells the story of Truth from the beginning until around 1990. It includes stories behind some of the music of the group, including some of the struggles of keeping Truth on the road, as well as the triumphant times.

40th anniversary tour[edit]

In January 2011, Breland began to assemble a new Truth group to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the group at the prompting of his sons. On July 31, 2011, the TRUTH40, One More Time Tour kicked off at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. This concert was filmed live and sold in a DVD format at the product table on the tour. The tour also included the traditional Christmas Spectacular section from Thanksgiving until December 21, which was to be the final Truth concert, in Dallas, Texas. The tour was extended until April 27, 2012 with The final Truth concert performed at Oak Park Church of God in Mobile, Alabama. The final Truth album, The 40th Anniversary Collection, contains new arrangements of some of the old Truth hits (the most notable and different being "Majesty") as well a couple of medleys and three new Truth songs: "Right Here with You", "Our God Will Come", and "Love So Amazing".



  • 1971: Searching (Mark Records)
  • 1972: Get All Exited (Impact Records)
  • 1972: TRUTH (Impact Records)
  • 1973: There's Something in the Air (Impact Records)
  • 1973: Because He Lives (Impact Records)
  • 1973: We Want to Love, We Want to Shine (Impact Records)
  • 1974: That's Worth Everything (Impact Records)
  • 1974: You Don't Know What You're Missing Live double album (Impact Records)
  • 1975: Would You Believe (Impact Records)
  • 1976: Songs that Answer Questions (Impact Records)
  • 1977: Truth on the Road - Live Double Album (Impact Records)
  • 1977: Not Just a Coincidence (Paragon Records)
  • 1978: Now....THIS is Christmas (Paragon Records)
  • 1978: Departure (direct-to-disc) (Paragon Records)
  • 1979: Nothin' But... (Paragon Records)
  • 1979: The Bright Side (Impact Records)
  • 1980: Changin' Directions (Mighty Miracles Music)
  • 1980: Get It from the Source (Paragon Records)
  • 1980: TRUTH Live/SRO (Paragon Records)
  • 1981: Miracles (Mighty Miracles Music)
  • 1982: Keeper Of My Heart ((Paragon Records))
  • 1983: Celebrate the Glory (Paragon Records)
  • 1984: Second to None U.S. Christian #18[3]
  • 1984: Aerobic TRUTH (Paragon Records),
  • 1985: Yours & His...JRB (Mighty Miracle Music)
  • 1985: Wind of the Spirit (Paragon Records)
  • 1986: Still the Truth (Benson Records)
  • 1987: Makin' It Matter (Benson Records)
  • 1988: The Mission (Benson)
  • 1988: Now and Forever (Benson Records)
  • 1989: Your Heart Is Where Christmas Is Found (Benson Records)
  • 1990: Keep Believing (Benson Records) U.S. Christian #15
  • 1990: Live (Benson Records) U.S. Christian #36
  • 1990: How Great Our Joy (Benson Records)
  • 1991: More than You'll Ever Imagine (Benson Records)
  • 1991: Praise (Integrity Music)
  • 1992: Something to Hold On To (Integrity Music) U.S. Christian #35
  • 1994: Equation of Love (Integrity Music) U.S. Christian #26
  • 1995: You Are Emmanuel (Integrity Music),
  • 1995: TRUTH Sings the Word (Integrity Music),
  • 1996: One (Integrity Music)
  • 1997: Truth: 25th Anniversary (Integrity Music)
  • 1998: Never Be The Same (Pamplin Music)
  • 1999: Not A Silent Night (Pamplin Music)
  • 2000: It's All About Grace (Pamplin Music)
  • 2001: Blessed (Benson/Brentwood Music)
  • 2011: The 40th Anniversary Collection (TRUTH Music)


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