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Background information
Origin Christchurch, New Zealand
Genres Dubstep
Occupation(s) Producer DJ
Years active 2007-present
Labels Deep Medi, Tempa, Disfigured Dubz, Argon, Aquatic Lab, Boka, Wheel & Deal, GetDarker, Black Box, Moonshine, Firepower
Members Tristan Roake, Andre Fernandez
Past members Julian Van Uden

Tristan Roake and Andre Fernandez, better known as Truth are a production duo [1] from Christchurch, New Zealand.[2] They first rose in late 2007 when Mala of Digital Mystikz signed their debut single The Fatman / Stolen Children for his Deep Medi Musik label.[3] The single was described by Boomkat as "dark and immaculately executed" and was released in early 2009 as Medi13x on 12" vinyl format.[4]

This release has been followed by two more releases on Deep Medi Musik and a number of singles on labels such as Tempa, SMOG, Black Box, Get Darker, Artikal, Argon, Wheel and Deal, Disfigured Dubz, Aquatic Lab, Boka, Optimus Gryme, Moonshine and Abyss Recordings.[5] Collaborators have included Datsik, Alix Perez, Antiserum, Yayne, Kito, DJ Madd, Riskotheque, Babylon System, Noah D, Lynx, Kromestar, Silkie and Dutty Ranks.[6]

Originally from New Zealand, now based in San Francisco, California Truth have toured extensively including numerous USA tours, four tours of the UK and Europe and a tour of Latin America. They can be found regularly playing in the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.[7]


In September 2010 Truth released their debut album, entitled Puppets on Sydney based Aquatic Lab Records.[8] The album received critical approval, including a nomination for Best Dubstep Album in the 2011 DubstepForum Awards.[9] Knowledge Magazine lauded the album for its representation of "dubstep in its purest form" characterising it as "spacious, sub-heavy and forward-thinking",[10] while Music Week described it as "an expansive listen that works as well on headphones as in a club".[11] The New Zealand Herald branded Puppets "sinister yet soulful" praising its "beautifully brutal bass-laden beats".[12]

Special Edition[edit]

In April 2011 Truth released a New Zealand-only double-CD version of Puppets. It included a bonus disc of remixes, previously unreleased material and a 35-minute mix of music from the album. The group stated that all proceeds from sales would go directly to charities involved with rebuilding Christchurch following the earthquake of February 2011.[13]

Love's Shadow (2012)[edit]

Truth released their second album "Love's Shadow" for free via their Soundcloud page over a number of months in 2012.[14]



2010 Puppets - Aquatic Lab LABCD02

2011 Puppets Special Edition - Aquatic Lab LABCD02a (New Zealand Only)

2012 Love's Shadow - Defy - Digital

2012/2013 - Love's Shadow Remixes - Defy - Digital

2014 Hollow World - Firepower Records

2014 Undeniable - Deep Dark & Dangerous

2015 The Ark - Firepower Records


2009 The Fatman/Stolen Children - Deep Medi Musik MEDi13x

2009 No Grudge (with Alix Perez & Lynx) on "1984"- Shogun Audio

2009 Terror Planet/ Disappear - Aquatic Lab LAB006

2009 Payback - Optimus Gryme Recordings

2009 Truth Revelation/Lost at Sea (12) - Aquatic Lab LAB007

2010 Timeshift/Hackerz - Boka

2010 Burglar/Dead Silence - Aquatic Lab LAB

2010 Truth & Dutty Ranks Bombay Sapphire/ Worlds Apart - Argon

2010 Truth - Juno/Under Current - Aquatic Lab

2010 Soundystem - Optimus Gryme Recordings

2010 Amnesia/International - Deep Medi Musik MEDi032

2010 Stranger Than Fiction EP (Bubba Ho Step/Wednesday/Stay/The Future) - Disfigured Dubz

2010 Perfect Combination - self-released free download [15]

2011 The Fatman VIP/Dreams Can Never Come True - Deep Medi Musik

2011 Straight Jacket (Self released free download)

2011 Great Man (Self released free download)

2011 Losing You (with Dutty Ranks) - Abyss

2011 Feel (with Silkie) on "City Limits Vol.2" - Deep Medi Musik

2011 Tiki & Truth - Nothing But Love - Tikidub

2011 Full Baked/Birds - Black Box

2011 Direct Blow/Snake - Get Darker

2011 The Emperor/Calling You Back - Wheel & Deal

2011 World is Spinning - self released free download

2012 All Alone/Good & Evil - Tuba

2012 Dangerous - (self released free download)

2012 The Space Between (with Noah D) - SMOG

2012 Skitzo/Insanity - Boka

2012 Dreams/Last Time - Tempa

2012 Murderous/Babylon War (With Babylon System) - Moonshine

2012 Babylon London/Red Light/HAARP - Artikal Music

2012 Evil in the Woods EP (Evil in the Woods/ All Over/ No Chance (Ft Datsik)/ Talking to Myself)

2013 Iron Lung / Medusa - New Moon Recordings

2013 Devil's Hands / I Belong (With Yayne) - Tempa

2013 Chicks & Drugs / Empire - Tempa

2013 Truth ft Bijou - How Strange


2009 Optimus Gryme - Immortal (Truth Remix) - Optimus Gryme Recordings

2009 The Nextmen ft Ms Dynamite - Lions Den (Truth Remix) - Universal

2010 The Black Seeds - Slingshot (Truth Remix) - Black Seeds

2010 Shapeshifter - Lifetime (Truth Remix) Hospital Records

2011 Skitz ft Rodney P, Kardinal Offishal & Skibadee - Struggla (Truth Remix)

2011 Majiika & Rob Sparx ft Collie Buds - Avoiding The Issue (Truth Remix) - Migration Recordings

2011 Truth - Puppets (Tunnidge Remix) Origin Audio 2011

2011 Majiika & Rob Sparx ft Collie Buds - Avoiding The Issue (Truth Remix) - Migration Recordings

2012 Psymbionic - Ride With Me (Truth remix) - Mal label

2012 Megalodon, Conscious Pilot & Doctor - Like This (Truth Remix) - Section8

2012 Truth - Don't Explain (Riskotheque & Marchmellow remiz) - Lovesick

2013 Benny Tones ft Joe Dukie - Home (Truth Remix)

2016 Excision - Codename X (Truth Remix)


DJ Mixes/Podcasts[edit]

Big Up Magazine Podcast 04[17]

"Sex, Truth & Videotape" USA Tour mix[18]

Kmag Guestmix[19]

"Stranger than Fiction" Mix for Samurai FM[20]

Big Up Magazine Podcast 45[21]

No Frills Dubstep Compilation

Puppets Mix[22]

"Truth Chronicles" Mixtape series [23]

Truth mix for J'aime Le Dubstep (JLD#164) [24] Episode 50:Truth [25]

Former Members[edit]

Julian Van Uden left the group in January 2011 and now performs under his solo name Gamble. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License


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