Truth or Dare (Oomph! album)

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Truth or Dare
Compilation album by Oomph!
Released 26 February 2010 (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) 27 April 2010 (United States & Canada) 1 March 2010 (Russia, France, Greece & Hungary) 12 April 2010 (Poland) [1]
Genre Neue Deutsche Härte
Industrial metal
Label Sony, Columbia
Oomph! chronology
Truth or Dare
Des Wahnsinns fette Beute
Singles from Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is the fourth compilation album by the German band Oomph!, released under Sony. The band re-recorded 14 of their songs in English from the albums; Wahrheit oder Pflicht, GlaubeLiebeTod & Monster, as well as the some songs recorded for their last compilation, Delikatessen. The songs "God Is a Popstar" and "The Power of Love" had already been recorded in English previously. Some of the titles as well as lyrics have been changed, rather than directly translated. "Augen Auf!" (Eyes Open) has become "Ready or Not (I'm Coming)" (revealing the original sense of the song)

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Original Title Length
1. "Ready or Not (I'm Coming)" Augen Auf! 3:21
2. "Burning Desire" (featuring L'Âme Immortelle) Brennende Liebe 3:48
3. "Song of Death" (featuring Apocalyptica) Die Schlinge 3:53
4. "God is a Popstar" Gott ist ein Popstar! 3:53
5. "Labyrinth" Labyrinth 4:13
6. "The Final Match" Das letzte Streichholz 3:33
7. "Crucified" Gekreuzigt 2006 3:37
8. "Sandman" Sandmann 3:47
9. "Sex is Not Enough" Sex hat keine Macht 3:39
10. "Land Ahead" (featuring Sharon den Adel) Land in Sicht 4:07
11. "Wake Up!" Wach Auf! 3:31
12. "The Power of Love" (Frankie Goes to Hollywood Cover)   3:58
13. "True Beauty is So Painful" Wer Schön Sein Will Muss Leiden 3:02
14. "The First Time Always Hurts" Beim ersten Mal tut's immer weh 3:58
15. "Dream Here (With Me)" (featuring Marta Jandová) Träumst Du? 3:54
16. "On Course" Auf Kurs 3:34

Previously Released[edit]

  • God is a Popstar was released as a B-side on the single for "Die Schlinge"
  • The Power of Love was originally released on the compilation album "Delikatessen"