Truth Tour

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Truth Tour
Tour by Usher
The Truth Tour.png
Associated albumConfessions
Start dateAugust 5, 2004
End dateOctober 14, 2004
No. of shows27 in North America
Box office29.1 million
Usher concert chronology

The Truth Tour was the second concert tour by American recording artist Usher. Visiting North America and Europe, the tour accompanies his fourth studio album, Confessions. Showtime broadcast the show during a special titled One Night, One Star: Usher Live: Live in Puerto Rico at José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum. Raymond during this concert special brought out special guest Lil Jon, Ludacris, Daddy Yankee, Fat Joe, and Beyoncé to perform a dance routine to "Bad Girl" choreographed by Frank Gatson.

On September 16, 2005, the DVD of The Truth Tour: Behind The Tour was certified 7x Platinum by RIAA. Raymond enlisted JoJo, Christina Milian and Kanye West to open for the tour; introducing them to the public during their early careers.[1] The Truth Tour commenced on August 5, 2004 in Hampton, Virginia and concluded on October 7, 2004 in New York. It was ranked as one of the highest-grossing tours of 2004, grossing $29.1 million.[2]


This was Raymond's third tour. He stated to the Daily Press "before I get ready to put my shows together, I always go to New York. I go to Vegas. I go to Atlantic City, and I sit down at the shows, and I get some inspiration from there", Usher said. He also looks at tapes of old "Soul Train" TV shows to get ideas for choreography.[3] Raymond enlisted stylist Tameka Foster to create his wardrobe for the tour.

Concert synopsis[edit]

The tour set featured a small stage up on top of the main stage, where the band played. Usher was occupied by his eight supporting dancers. Attached to the smaller stage was a mini platform which lowered to the main stage attached by two big staircases on both sides of it.[4] To the left, a group of circular staircases climbed to the top, and to the right, there was a fire escape replete with steps and an elevator. Usher's entrance was a short movie showing him getting dressed and walking to the concert venue, following on with him performing the opening song "Caught Up", with Usher dressed in all white while wearing an all-white glove. The second song performed was "You Make Me Wanna...", where two dancers stayed on the top stage with Usher while two male dancers came out to the lower level with two chairs each in their hands. Each dancer threw one chair up to the top, with Usher already in hand with his own chair, following a set dance routine from the video. Following this, Usher performed "U Remind Me", where he danced by himself during a breakdown of the track doing his signature handstand that makes the initials "UR".

Next he performed "My Way" dressed in the attire from his video doing similar routines after the song begun a dance break where Usher and his dancer began breakdancing. He changed wardrobe and appears on the small stage wearing a black dress shirt, black fedora a and white studded pants singing "Follow Me". This leads "That's What It's Made For", before he goes into his next song he shows gratitude to his audience. He begins singing excerpts from "Superstar" with the help of his background singers while on top of the small stage. He walks over to the circular staircase where his mic stand is and he begins singing "Nice & Slow". The mini platform lifts him in the sky as he begins to sing "U Got it Bad". Next he introduces his eight dancers into him singing "U Don't Have to Call".

Just Blaze playing tour DJ appears on the top platform plays the next song "Throwback" that he produced. Usher walks out in Michael Vick's Atlanta Falcons jersey to sing his verse, Rico Loves joins him on stage rapping his verse. Following on with the song "Bad Girl", where Usher was dressed up in a lavender suit and came out in a chrome chair. During the song, Usher picked out a female from the crowd, transitioning to "Superstar", singing to the fan. Usher continued singing to the fan, performing "Can U Handle It?", closing the song by kissing the fan who then left the stage. A video interlude played then Usher came out sitting in a chair performing with Confessions then Kanye West joins him rap his verse from Confessions Remix. Completing another wardrobe chain he comes out in his signature outfit an Atlanta Braves fitted cap, Blazer, and Jeans singing burn. He finishes his performance doing the hit single "Yeah!".

Broadcasts and recordings[edit]

The concert was recorded on October 2 and 3, 2004 at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA and the concert was recorded on March 5, 2005 at Coliseo De Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico during his final Truth Tour concert featuring special guest including Beyonce, Fat Joe, Daddy Yankee, Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris with his band and dancers as well as his background singers.

Opening acts[edit]


  • Drums: Aaron Spears
  • Guitars: Juan "Johnny" Najera
  • Keyboards/MD: Valdez Brantley
  • Keyboards: Arthur "Buddy" Strong
  • Background Vocals: Sy Smith, Tai Reed, BJ Sledge, Brandon Rodgers, Ryon Lovett

Set list[edit]

  1. "Caught Up"
  2. "You Make Me Wanna"
  3. "U Remind Me"
  4. "My Way"
  5. "Follow Me"
  6. "That's What it's Made For"
  7. "Nice & Slow"
  8. "U Got It Bad"
  9. DJ Clip/Dancer Intro's
  10. "U Don't Have to Call"
  11. "Throwback"
  12. "Bad Girl"
  13. "Do it To Me"
  14. Superstar
  15. Confessions
  16. "Confessions Part II"
  17. DJ Clip
  18. "Burn"
  19. Band Intro/Confessions Intro
  20. "Yeah/End Melody"
  21. "Outro"


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